Summer Vacation

Well I am all done with school now and on my first official summer break.  It’s kind of weird as I have had summer breaks but this is the first summer since I was 15 that I haven’t worked on my summer break.  Crazy I know but I hate being idle….so now I am trying to find stuff to do.  Also I figured I need to set some goals so that I stay busy and accomplish some stuff.  So here they are:


1. Move to Portland – this means finding a place and a job:)  I have applied to so many places now I just have to wait – annoying but what do I do.  We are flying out in 2 weekends to find a place so that is super exciting.  This adventure is going to be amazing and I feel this is exactly where God wants us

2.  Get a job – as I said above I need a job because I am going to go crazy:)

3. Cook a lot of different meals.  I love cooking and have gotten a lot better so this summer I am going to try a bunch of new stuff.

4. Tumblr more – I have wanted to do this for awhile so now I need to.

5. Kick my running to the next level.  I have kept up my mileage for awhile but I am going to be better at tracking my runs, do some more cross training every day, and join a running group in Portland.  There is an amazing one that a friend, who just ran an Olympic qualifying time, recommended to me.

6.  Enjoy my time alone and with God – I get so busy during the school year that I am going to enjoy this time.

That should about do it… hopefully I will keep up with this:)

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