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We Made It

Well we made it to Portland!!!  We have been here since Friday night (it’s Wednesday now) and it has been amazing.  The journey was really long as we did it in two and a half days but we are loving life.  Dave put together a new bed, 2 dressers, 2 night stands, and a book shelf from Ikea.  I know he is amazing:)  On Sunday night we went for a bike ride around the Hawthorne District (where we live) and got a nice snack at a street food place.  Street food is huge in Portland and there are several areas where street carts are set up.  Don’t think the food is stuff you get at fairs – it’s amazing.  We got french fries with wasbi mayo and some sauce similar to falafel sauce.  They were amazing.  Both of us have gone biking every night just for fun….it’s great.  Our apartment is pretty much all unpacked – we just need to hang pictures and decorate a little bit.  Overall we are both so happy here…it fits us perfectly and it’s really nice to actually know some people that live here as Dave and I both have friends from high school that live here.   I will post some pictures soon.

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