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The Start of School

So of course I haven’t posted in almost two months…..hopefully it will get better.  I have been extremely busy as I just got a job at Roosevelt High School in the Portland Public Schools district.  So exciting and an amazing blessing.  Since we have been in Portland I had applied to hundreds (well it felt like that) teaching jobs.  I found this one 2 weeks before their school year started – I applied, interviewed and got it a week before school started.  It truly was a blessing from God.  I am a math and technology teacher which is hilarious in itself but I love it.  The school is definitely similar to where I used to teach as far as the background of the students being pretty low academically, but I have a ton of diversity here and I work for a district which those of you who know me know that was a huge complaint of mine.  I am on week 3 now and it has been awesome:)  Aside from being completely exhausted as I get up at 4:45 to go running before school everything is great.  Dave and I are still loving Portland……I hope we stay here forever.  Dave is getting into cycle cross and is going to race this weekend.  Our friend Jon, from college who lives in Michigan, is also coming up this weekend so I think we will do a tour of the Williamette Wine Country…..hopefully I will post about that on Monday.

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