Snake’s Visit

So this past weekend we had our friend Jon Brinks come and visit us.  Dave and him met at Taylor and are still really great friends.  Dave actually has about 5 guy friends that he is still pretty close with from Taylor – we all get together for New Years every year and a lot of other times too:)  Some of them have had girl friends, but Andrew has been married to Andrew since when Dave and I got married – and I appreciate her more than she will ever know:)  We were great friends in college and still are.  Anyways we had a great time with Jon (Snake) and got to show him around Portland.  Dave took was able to take him to Multnomah Falls on Friday and then I met them after work on Friday.  Saturday we took Jon to Bunk for breakfast – amazing breakfast sandwiches and then we drove to the Oregon Coast.  It was an awesome day.  Cloudy but beautiful:)  Here are a couple of photos.

On Sunday Dave did his first ever Cycle Cross Race.  Cyclo cross is basically a road bike with mountain bike tires.  It was awesome to watch.  He had to pick his bike up and jump over barriers and he also had to run down this huge hill and then go back up it while carrying his bike.  Plus it was all on grass and a ton of mud.  Insane:)  After that we took Jon to Williamette Valley to the vineyards.  It was awesome. We went to 3 different vineyards – Annie Amie was Dave’s and I personal favorite.  We actually bought it for New Year’s 2 years ago and left the vineyard with 4 more bottles.  We tasted amazing Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, Pinot Grio, Shiraz, and some dessert wine.  Plus the vineyards were beautiful.  Here are a couple of pictures:

Overall the weekend was great.  Jon left Tuesday and by the tweets has left since I am pretty sure he had an amazing time.  I can’t wait for more people to come because Portland is such a great city.  Dave and I are still loving living here.  We had a pretty relaxing weekend this weekend as Dave had a ton of grad school work to do and I had a ton of school work.  We still went to lunch on Saturday at Detour Cafe – awesome food.  I had a great Cubano with an amazing mixed greens salad and Dave had a double stack something that Detour Cafe is known for.  Then we went to a consignment shop across the street that had tons of used furniture, clothing, knick knacks you name it they had it.  We got a bench that can store shoes:)  Dave and I have way too many shoes for the closet so this will nice now that I can finally see our shoes.  Hope everyone is great and that maybe since I am posting this to facebook people might read it:)

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