Day Off

So today was a mandatory state day off for Portland Public Schools.  Love it!  What was even better was that Dave had the day off today too:)  US Bank has Monday off due to Columbus Day but someone has to watch the database Dave works on since the Market isn’t closed.  Dave decided to watch the system and got to take today off instead.  We had an awesome day.  We slept in, enjoyed some coffee and then biked downtown to Pioneer Square.  We live in Portland but we actually crossed the river today.  We had lunch at a sushi buffet.  It was pretty awful but I am glad we tried it so we won’t ever go there again.  Then we walked around downtown.  We actually sat around Pioneer Square downtown for a bit and watch the coffee tasting that was going on.  It was sponsored by the YWCA and was raising money for battered women.  Then we biked up to the Northwest District and walked around there for awhile and looked at the awesome houses.  We ended up at Rouge Brewery and had some awesome beers.  If you haven’t had a beer from Rouge you need to – they sell them a lot of places but they are made in Oregon.  There is a brewery/Distillary here in Portland and one in Newport.  We then ended by going to Sir La Table which is an awesome kitchen accessory store and got our niece Isla her first ever chopsticks:)  All in all it was a great day just looking around the city and enjoying it.  I love too how we can bike everywhere.  It was a fun day just enjoying each other and our awesome city!!!  Keep Portland Weird is what I have to say.

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