Homemade Soup

I really enjoy Sunday afternoons – a time of rest and relaxation with a lot of school work thrown in for Dave and I.  I hate that my day of rest has this with it but oh well….I secretly love grading the work for my students especially since they actually do it.  I always grew up with the big Sunday lunch after church – since it’s just Dave and I we tend to make a nice Sunday dinner:)  Same idea only a little easier for us.  I get a monthly email from GOOP it’s from Gwyneth Paltrow and she gives a bunch of random stuff you should try.  This past one was all about food blogs.  I love cooking especially since if you knew me when I got married you know I could make two things – stir fry and salads.  I lived on those two meals my entire senior year of college and after I graduated and was living and working on my own.  I knew Dave and I would be in trouble when I made a frozen pizza and kept the cardboard with the pizza in the oven.  Over the years I have improved my cooking and have actually found it to be a huge stress reliever from a long day of work.  Back to GOOP.  One of the food blogs was http://smittenkitchen.com/recipes/ .   I had been to this website before but I decided to actually make some of the recipes.  I made http://smittenkitchen.com/2006/11/come-on-thunder/ and it was probably the best homemade tomato soup I have ever had.  Perfect after a rainy weekend.  Plus there are leftovers for lunch tomorrow.  It was a great way to unwind.  Now on to a busy week – I work late on Mondays for meetings, I have a small group for women I go to Tuesday nights and Dave has grad school on Wednesday and Thursday nights….busy weeks for us but we play hard on the weekends:)  Oh and little tidbit of good news I signed up for the Seattle Marathon which is November 28th.  This is my 3rd marathon and I am pumped.  I have been running a lot of miles since this summer so hopefully it will pay off:)  Happy 10.10.10!!

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