Another Great Fall Weekend

This weekend was a beautiful fall weekend in Portland.  I know people say it’s rainy and cloudy in Portland but I am not sure I agree….it’s been pretty sunny so far.  Anyways Dave and I were both pretty tired after a busy week although I had a pretty awesome Friday.  I gave my students an intro to Software Applications (I know I sound like a nerd but I actually really like teaching computers because then I get to learn more about them:) and the Word aspect of it had them write 10 sentences about themselves.  It was so eye opening.  I have a very diverse group of students who come from all over the world.  I have students from Figi, Somalia, Tonga, and Mexico to name a few.  The students shared with me some really personal pieces of information, but what I really liked was getting to related to the students on that personal level so quickly.  It was pretty amazing and made me realize how blessed I am to be working with these students.  At the end of the day another teacher recommended this place called Gravy that Dave and I should check out.  Since it was in the Alberta Arts District, a place in Northeast Portland that we wanted to go to we decided to go there.  After I finished my 13.2 mile marathon training run we biked up there.  The bike ride was through these beautiful neighborhoods and aside from the terrible hill I had to bike up….Dave of course made it up effortlessly it was a pretty great ride.  The restaurant was amazing – check out the yelp review right here: . I had eggs and this amazing biscuit and Dave had eggs and chicken and gravy.  Sounds random but oh so good.  We then walked around and went to the Rebuilding Center .  This place is an amazing organization that has helped people all over the world like New Orleans, not just Portland.  Read up on it – the place is huge.  We then biked through the rest of the Arts District and ended the afternoon with a nice beer at Belmont Station which has over 1200 beers.  Overall another great weekend that ended with a nice chat with an old friend:)  I have to say while it’s hard sometimes to be so far from family I can’t imagine a better place to live….:)  And on that note it’s off to some reading for me and Happy Birthday to our sister Christie:)  Wish we could be with you:(  Happy Monday!

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