Teen Mom

So I am sure everyone has at least heard of the show Teen Mom on MTV.  I have not seen it because we don’t have cable but I have read about the moms in different magazines.  My personal impression is that being a teen mom is being glorified on this show and after personally observing teen moms that are my students it makes me pretty upset.  Today as I was reading through google news I saw the following headline – “Teen Mom’s TV rage spurs investigation.  It was a video on the Today show that showed one of the teen moms beating her fiance in front of her two year old daughter while the tv crew filmed.  So many things are running through my head right now – first why didn’t the film crew intervene? This is what kills me about reality tv – the attitude of letting it happen for ratings.  Second I hope she gets some help.  This happened in Anderson, Indiana where it’s a felony to abuse someone in front of a child less than 14.  I honestly feel pretty about for this girl.  While she does deserve consequences the stress she is under at being teen mom is undescribable.  I really hope that this girl gets help and that her daughter is put in good care.

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