Soup – Hungarian Mushroom Soup

Another great recipe for Soup tonight:)  After a long week of school – we had three of our students get hit by a car at my school.  Thankfully they were okay although one of them has a broken jaw and hip and another has a broken leg and ruptured spleen.  It was pretty devastating for my students but the school handled it extremely well and had places for the students to go if they were upset and they let the students know what was going on throughout the whole day.  By Friday though I was spent.  This morning I did another training run for the marathon.  It was 16.1 miles – long but beautiful and the rain held off for the whole run:)  I am pretty sore though – maybe I am getting older?  I am definitely feeling this training but I am extremely happy with my times so far so we will see.  After this Dave and decided we should get some food so we went to New Seasons Market.  It’s a local market in Portland – similar to Fresh Market in the Midwest only it is only in Portland.  I really like it but it’s pretty expensive.  We decided to go check it out since a new one opened just down the street from us.  While there were no really good deals we did sample this awesome Hungarian Mushroom Soup.  It was so good we decided we should get the ingredients for dinner.  We ended up going to Fred Meyer across the street – cheaper but still a pretty amazing grocery store.  We got the ingredients and got a great gyro for lunch from the food cart area on Belmont.  Food carts are all over Portland and they are just what they sound like – food from a cart:)  They are absolutely amazing and I overheard an older couple today say that they get less health violations since there is less to clean.  Either way the one on Belmont Ave is pretty great and has a unique variety of food.  After resting up after the run and enjoying some good college football – go MSU and the Badgers – I tackeled the soup.  It was really easy and made for an awesome dinner.  Enjoy the recipe!

Hungarian Mushroom Soup

4Tbls butter

2 cups onions sliced

12 oz fresh mushrooms sliced

2tsp dill weed

1Tbls tamari – I used soy sauce

1 Tbls paprika – I used chili powder

1/2 c cooking Sherry

2 cups water or stock – I used chicken stock

1 cup milk – I used soy milk

3 Tbls corn starch

1/2 cup sour cream

In a large skillet over medium heat melt the butter and onions until translucent.  Then add mushrooms, dill weed, tamari, paprika and sherry.  Allow wine to absorb then add stock.  Cover and simmer for 15 minutes.  In a small bowl combine milk and corn starch.  Whisk them together to form a slurry.  Stir slurry into mushroom mixture.  Cover and simmer for 10 to 15 minutes or until thickened.  Just before serving temper sour cream by mixing a bit of soup with the sour cream to think it, then adding it all back together with the soup. 

I also served it with a grilled cheese and added fresh Parmesan to the soup – So Good!!  There was leftovers too:)

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