Homecoming Week

Remember when you were in high school and homecoming was amazing?  You would dress up for each theme day and then go to the game in your spirit clothes on Friday night and then go to the Homecoming dance.  I know we all remember it but I literally relive it every year that I am a high school teacher.  This year it was especially cool for me as I now teach at a high school in a good district that has a football team.  This week we had various spirit activities and a pep assembly on Friday.  Complete with our football team doing their Tongan Cheer – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pBBWAZG6ZvE&NR=1.  It’s pretty amazing.  The sad thing was though that our school just got a new football field and the first game was suppose to be homecoming.  Due to the weather this week it wasn’t finished in time so next week will have to be the first game.  The kids were upset but they handled it well.  I have some pictures below of my class, the football field and the school itself.

My Class

My Class again

The Football Field almost completed

The front of my school – there are buildings on both sides you get to through walkways.  On the left are more classrooms and the right is the school health center and the daycare.

So this is where I work every day.  It kind of reminds me of Dave’s high school – Glenbard West.  I still love it every day.  Not saying there aren’t bad days or that I am not usually pretty overwhelmed but I go home happy and am so blessed to work here.

On other notes Dave and I had a great Saturday so far.  I ran my marathon training run – 18 this week and did it in 7:36 miles.  I am pretty happy so far how the training is going and it’s a lot of fun here because there are runners everywhere – even at 4:45 when I am running in the mornings (yes I get up that early…crazy I know but I love it.)  We then watched a little bit of the John Stewart Rally for Sanity – hilarious and then we got Dim Sum.  If you haven’t had it before it’s amazing.  Basically it’s like Chinese appetizers.  You sit at a table in a banquet room that’s really a restaurant and then people come around with food for you to choose.  So Good!  We had pork sticky buns, dumplings, shrimp in green peppers.  Awesome and they have an actual food menu that we will try next time and the dishes looked pretty similar to the ones we had in China.  I cannot wait to try it.  Contrary to what people think most Chinese food in America is not served in China.  They don’t have sweet and sour chicken or fortune cookies:)  Overall a great day so far –  hopefully we will get some trick or treaters tonight or tomorrow night.

Happy Saturday:)

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