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Seattle Trip

Well it’s done – I ran the marathon and had a great time in Seattle with Dave.  We left Saturday morning and made it there around noon.  It’s only about 3 hours away and it’s a beautiful drive.  We first went to the Westin and I got my marathon chip and goody bag.  Marathon goody bags are pretty funny including the fun size balsamic vinegar and oil:)  I got an awesome dry fit shirt too.  Well worth the price I paid for the marathon.  We then set off to tour the city.  First we went to the Public Market and walked around.  I love this market complete with all of the amazing fish and unique assortment of things people sell.  We were lured in by these Russian pastries – we got ours filled with potatoes, onions, and cheese.  So good – the Seagulls thought so too:)  We then walked some more and got some Clam Chowder – Dave got Salmon Chowder.  It was seriously some of the best Chowder I have had and so fresh…..right off the boat.  We then walked back to the car and drove to Capitol Hill.  Dave had a friend recommend this place called Unicorn.  It’s a bar/restaurant and it’s circus themed.  It was hilarious complete with animal heads mounted on the walls and monkeys.  They also serve an elaborate amount of different types of corn dogs.  So funny.  We didn’t get any but I did have an awesome grape juice…:)  We drove some more and found out we were really close to the bench that Kurt Cobain sat on before he died so we went and saw it.  Ironically I ran right past it the next day.  It was then off to our hotel the Mediterran Inn.  It had this really cool rooftop deck that we were able to take some amazing pictures of the city.  We then went to dinner at Pesos Lounge and Kitchen.  A friend of ours recommended it as having awesome Mexican Food.  It was amazing.  I had Portobello Tacos and Dave had fish tacos….made my mouth water.  The place was definitely where all the beautiful people went – a total date night spot:)  It was back to the hotel again – but first we had to do a night time view on the rooftop deck.  I got up bright and early to run the marathon.  It was a really tough race.  I started with the 3:10 pace group.  I knew I was in trouble when I did a 6:49 mile and the hills didn’t stop.  I went up one hill that went straight up.  I am still pretty happy with how I did – a 3:21 time and I was either 18th overall in the women or 21st – I am seeing two different results:)  Either way it was a good race and made me realize I need to do some more hill training, but that I need to run another marathon – I am not giving up on a 3:10 marathon.  I did stay with that pace group for the first 10 miles and I ran with the 2nd place woman for awhile.  It was great to finish and then Dave and I went to the Seattle Seahawks football game.  It was my first ever NFL game and it was a great stadium.  Aside from some annoying drunk fans in front of us and behind us it was still fun.  The Seahawks lost but it was still a great game.   I am now sitting at home now after taking a sick day because I can barely walk right now.  My goal is to grocery shop and take a walk at some point in the day….we’ll see:)  Overall it was a great trip and my favorite part of the marathon was seeing Dave cheering for me at the end……it makes my whole race to see him cheer me on:)  He is so supportive of these races and my marathon obsession……I have an amazing husband!

Dave at the Public Market


The Seagulls…I thought they were hilarious.

Dave and I on the rooftop of our hotel.

All done:)

Go Seahawks!!

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Today is my amazing husband Dave’s birthday.  I have been waiting for this day for awhile in anticipation.  Today Dave is 28 – I have know him for almost 10 years now which is crazy but pretty incredible.  I met Dave in college through friends that we both have.  I guess I have my good friend Morgan to thank for meeting Dave – she thought we would be good together.  It took awhile but we finally went out on a date.  I knew he was the one when I called him to go on the Pick – a – Date at Taylor and we talked about AP Calculus:)  Throughout the years I have gotten to know Dave deeper and deeper and fall more in love with him each year.  He is one of the most kindest and caring people I know who is always thinking of ways to help others.  He challenges me to be the best I can be and is honest with me.  One of the greatest ways I see Dave’s kindness is with his mom.  I remember the first time I went to his dorm room and he had a picture of his mom up on his desk – it was the only picture and it was hilarious:)  What really stuck with me though over the years is how Dave cares for his mom.  It’s pretty awesome.  Another thing I love for Dave is his passion for the poor in the world.  Dave has had the opportunity to go to several third world countries and I fully see him using his talents and his passion for renewable energy to help people in other countries.  I also love his adventurous spirit.  He has pushed me to do things like climb up a tower despite my hating heights or take a boat ride from Japan to China because why not.  He loves life and takes each and every opportunity presented to him.  Lastly I love Dave because he loves me despite everything.  He is an amazing man who should be celebrated today – so if you have the chance say Happy Birthday to my awesome husband!

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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So this morning at 7am I got an amazing Text – Portland Public Schools late opening at 10am.  Since we have Parent Teacher Conferences all day yesterday and today I was pretty excited, aside from the fact that I got up at 5:30 to go running and was all ready to go at 7.  But I won’t complain about the extra 2 hours I got to spend drinking coffee and watching the Today Show.  What may you ask was the reason that we had a late start?  The snowstorm of the year.  Haha well not really.  All day yesterday all that people talked about was the snow that was supposed to come.  Well it did snow a little bit as in 0.00001 inches honestly it was no where to be seen.  It was a little icy and in Portland’s defense they don’t have salt trucks but it was pretty funny seeing the buses with their chains on the tires.  Overall there was absolutely no reason to start school late but I won’t complain because this is yet another reason why I love living in Portland!!!

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Facebook Email

Facebook Email

As the NPR commentator said this morning “Can anyone say Google Wave”  Made me laugh so hard…

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Pretty much made my day today – awesome new CD

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Long Week

So I usually like to write a blog of two a week but this week was just kind of a blah week for me.  My last post was about how I love running and I really do but I forget how it gives me that nice “runners high” and how eventually that goes away.  This past week I was just exhausted.  My body hurt from all of the recent marathon miles and I just felt like crying all weekend….I know don’t worry Dave knew where the tissues were.  Being a girl/woman isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.  Sigh.  Oh well I am feeling much better today and I had a great run:)  I also saw a super sweet blog my brother wrote about how he will really miss seeing Dave and I this year at Christmas.  Yes folks it’s true Dave and I won’t be back to the Midwest for the holidays.  Dave has no vacation time left since we have used it all up……  We will definitely miss our families – not the cold weather but definitely our families.  Good news is though we are finally going to decorate for Christmas.  Every year we are at family so we usually do minimal decorations – but this year it’s the two of us so bring on the Christmas.  I am sad to not see family at the same time though it’s neat to be able to start some of our own traditions with our family – Dave and I.  More updates on the Christmas decorations soon:)  One other great piece of news the weather – today Milwaukee 35 and Portland 53 – I love it our here:)

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Anyone who remotely knows me knows that running is a pretty big part of my life.  I started running in gym class in elementary school.  Ms. Gall made us run suicides, the mile, and anything else she thought we should do.  I have always been pretty athletic but up until middle school I never knew what sport I would actually do.  I know some of you are thinking you don’t need a sport but I actually really enjoy sports, like watching ESPN and regularly keep up with the current sport in season.  When I was 12 we moved to Michigan and I started a new school.  I found out that every Monday in gym class we had to run about a mile on a trail outside.  I lined up the first day and finished second.  Who would have known – from then on and a little encouragement from gym teacher and later high school track coach Mr. Trotter I was hooked.  I started running every day after school and did cross country and track all through high school.  I really thought I would run competitively in college but I got pretty burned out my senior year of high school.  Throughout college I still ran and I slowly got into a point where running wasn’t just about staying fit it was something I did to unwind and that is how it’s been for me ever since.  I have gotten back into racing and am about to do my 3rd marathon.  I am also extremely grateful that I have an amazing husband who is pretty supportive about my marathon training and is always there cheering me on:)  I have accomplished goals I didn’t think I could do including qualifying and running in the Boston Marathon.  More importantly running has become something I do every morning as a way to start my day, talk with God, think over difficult situations at work, plan, and just enjoy the quiet start of the day.  I know many people have different ways to unwind but to me that is what I do with running.  I realized this most importantly today when I told Dave nervously “what if I don’t do well in the Seattle Marathon”  He responded with “who cares remember you run because you enjoy it and it’s fun.”  As I bounded out to go on my 20 mile run I left with that thought I do this because it’s fun:)

Me at the Boston Marathon

Me at the Boston Marathon about to finish and so excited to see Dave.

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Shoes and I have a love hate relationship.  I love cute and unique shoes, especially high heels – my feet on the other hand hate them.  From having plantar fasciiatis and arch problems from running my feet scream at the end of the day after wearing a cute but uncomfortable pair of shoes.   I hate that when I walk for a long period of time I have to wear my running shoes or I will be in pain.  Even the summer sandals don’t usually work if I am walking a long time.  I am always on the hunt for cute yet good for my feet shoes and am usually unsuccessful.  I read someone’s blog this summer and they said they had found the answer with TOMS shoes.  I investigated and found that TOMS not only are comfortable but for every pair that is bought they donate a free pair of shoes to children in Africa.  Pretty awesome but they are pretty expensive.  They are hugely popular in Portland so I was determined to get a pair but I couldn’t justify spending that much on a pair of shoes.  Dave ironically won a free pair and being the amazing husband he is gave me the free pair.  I am now two days into wearing them and love them!!!!!  My feet feel great, I have arch support in my shoes and I feel like I am wearing slippers. 

TOMS Shoes

Thanks TOMS:)

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