Shoes and I have a love hate relationship.  I love cute and unique shoes, especially high heels – my feet on the other hand hate them.  From having plantar fasciiatis and arch problems from running my feet scream at the end of the day after wearing a cute but uncomfortable pair of shoes.   I hate that when I walk for a long period of time I have to wear my running shoes or I will be in pain.  Even the summer sandals don’t usually work if I am walking a long time.  I am always on the hunt for cute yet good for my feet shoes and am usually unsuccessful.  I read someone’s blog this summer and they said they had found the answer with TOMS shoes.  I investigated and found that TOMS not only are comfortable but for every pair that is bought they donate a free pair of shoes to children in Africa.  Pretty awesome but they are pretty expensive.  They are hugely popular in Portland so I was determined to get a pair but I couldn’t justify spending that much on a pair of shoes.  Dave ironically won a free pair and being the amazing husband he is gave me the free pair.  I am now two days into wearing them and love them!!!!!  My feet feel great, I have arch support in my shoes and I feel like I am wearing slippers. 

TOMS Shoes

Thanks TOMS:)

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