Anyone who remotely knows me knows that running is a pretty big part of my life.  I started running in gym class in elementary school.  Ms. Gall made us run suicides, the mile, and anything else she thought we should do.  I have always been pretty athletic but up until middle school I never knew what sport I would actually do.  I know some of you are thinking you don’t need a sport but I actually really enjoy sports, like watching ESPN and regularly keep up with the current sport in season.  When I was 12 we moved to Michigan and I started a new school.  I found out that every Monday in gym class we had to run about a mile on a trail outside.  I lined up the first day and finished second.  Who would have known – from then on and a little encouragement from gym teacher and later high school track coach Mr. Trotter I was hooked.  I started running every day after school and did cross country and track all through high school.  I really thought I would run competitively in college but I got pretty burned out my senior year of high school.  Throughout college I still ran and I slowly got into a point where running wasn’t just about staying fit it was something I did to unwind and that is how it’s been for me ever since.  I have gotten back into racing and am about to do my 3rd marathon.  I am also extremely grateful that I have an amazing husband who is pretty supportive about my marathon training and is always there cheering me on:)  I have accomplished goals I didn’t think I could do including qualifying and running in the Boston Marathon.  More importantly running has become something I do every morning as a way to start my day, talk with God, think over difficult situations at work, plan, and just enjoy the quiet start of the day.  I know many people have different ways to unwind but to me that is what I do with running.  I realized this most importantly today when I told Dave nervously “what if I don’t do well in the Seattle Marathon”  He responded with “who cares remember you run because you enjoy it and it’s fun.”  As I bounded out to go on my 20 mile run I left with that thought I do this because it’s fun:)

Me at the Boston Marathon

Me at the Boston Marathon about to finish and so excited to see Dave.

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