Long Week

So I usually like to write a blog of two a week but this week was just kind of a blah week for me.  My last post was about how I love running and I really do but I forget how it gives me that nice “runners high” and how eventually that goes away.  This past week I was just exhausted.  My body hurt from all of the recent marathon miles and I just felt like crying all weekend….I know don’t worry Dave knew where the tissues were.  Being a girl/woman isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.  Sigh.  Oh well I am feeling much better today and I had a great run:)  I also saw a super sweet blog my brother wrote about how he will really miss seeing Dave and I this year at Christmas.  Yes folks it’s true Dave and I won’t be back to the Midwest for the holidays.  Dave has no vacation time left since we have used it all up……  We will definitely miss our families – not the cold weather but definitely our families.  Good news is though we are finally going to decorate for Christmas.  Every year we are at family so we usually do minimal decorations – but this year it’s the two of us so bring on the Christmas.  I am sad to not see family at the same time though it’s neat to be able to start some of our own traditions with our family – Dave and I.  More updates on the Christmas decorations soon:)  One other great piece of news the weather – today Milwaukee 35 and Portland 53 – I love it our here:)

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