Today is my amazing husband Dave’s birthday.  I have been waiting for this day for awhile in anticipation.  Today Dave is 28 – I have know him for almost 10 years now which is crazy but pretty incredible.  I met Dave in college through friends that we both have.  I guess I have my good friend Morgan to thank for meeting Dave – she thought we would be good together.  It took awhile but we finally went out on a date.  I knew he was the one when I called him to go on the Pick – a – Date at Taylor and we talked about AP Calculus:)  Throughout the years I have gotten to know Dave deeper and deeper and fall more in love with him each year.  He is one of the most kindest and caring people I know who is always thinking of ways to help others.  He challenges me to be the best I can be and is honest with me.  One of the greatest ways I see Dave’s kindness is with his mom.  I remember the first time I went to his dorm room and he had a picture of his mom up on his desk – it was the only picture and it was hilarious:)  What really stuck with me though over the years is how Dave cares for his mom.  It’s pretty awesome.  Another thing I love for Dave is his passion for the poor in the world.  Dave has had the opportunity to go to several third world countries and I fully see him using his talents and his passion for renewable energy to help people in other countries.  I also love his adventurous spirit.  He has pushed me to do things like climb up a tower despite my hating heights or take a boat ride from Japan to China because why not.  He loves life and takes each and every opportunity presented to him.  Lastly I love Dave because he loves me despite everything.  He is an amazing man who should be celebrated today – so if you have the chance say Happy Birthday to my awesome husband!

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