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So I had my first run today with this bad boy.  Thank you Dave for the amazing Birthday and Christmas present.  I was able to track my pace and distance the whole time and was able to upload it to my Garmin Training center and saw my overall average pace, route, and distance.  My statistical mind loved it.  You might think it was big on my small wrists and lets be honest it was but it’s light and I love it:)

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Birthday Post #2

In keeping with the last post today is my second birthday post and it’s dedicated to one of my best friends – Kristen Renee Fields (soon to be a new name but I cannot spell it for the life of me).  I met Kristen over 15 years ago when I had just moved during the last month of 6th grade to Haslett Michigan.  Kristen came over with a group of girls who asked me if I wanted some american cheese.  I know strange right?  But I soon developed friendships with all of these girls and am still close to all of them today.  Kristen and I shared a special friendship over the years as we are both type A neurotic personalities.  We are over achievers who will accept nothing but the best -so we studied together a lot.  One of my favorite memories from middle school was Kristen telling me how she had burned her mouth from chewing too much Big Red Cinnamon gum.  I thought this was hilarious until I tried it and had the same thing happen.  Kristen has always been there for me as we got ready for dances or shopped with Hannah for Christmas presents or anything.  I wasn’t sure what would happen when I went to college but my friendship with her only continued to grow.  We would make trips to IU to see Hannah, go to MSU games, and talk on the phone a lot.  Kristen was always the person I would anticipate seeing when going home for breaks as I would get to see another college life different from mine:)  She always had the best roomate stories too:)  Kristen and I have also shared a birthday that is two days apart and always laughed about how people would give us gifts and say it was a birthday and Christmas gift combined.  We also had a joint surprise party and a joint hotel party:)  As college continued on we would travel together going to Florida with Hannah which was a pretty amazing trip.  Remember the dancers at the dinner we attended?  So funny.  We also took another trip to Florida for my Bachelorette party – lets just say it was a pretty hilarious trip and I will leave it at that.  Through it all Kristen has always been there.  We have both gone through good and bad times we have cried together we have laughed a lot, we have sweat together (all of those runs together – she even did a marathon with me:), and we have bonded.  I am not sure what I would ever do without Kristen.  This past year Kristen started dating an amazing man who proposed to her in September.  She probably doesn’t know this but I had tears of joy in my eyes when she told me the story.  I appreciate her beyond belief and know if it wasn’t for her and Hannah I am not sure what I would do in life.  You how some people just get you?  That’s Kristen and I appreciate how I can tell her numerous school stories and she laughs even 4 years later.  So Kristen I hope your day is special and that you know how special you are to us all.  Love you!!

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Birthday Post #1

Decemeber is one of my favorite months for many reasons – Christmas and the birth of Christ, celebrating with friends and family, the anticipation of 2 weeks off (I know you are jealous that you aren’t a teacher) and birthdays.  This is an extra special week because of the 15th (my cousins birthday), 16th (one of my best friend’s birthdays), and the 18th (my birthday).  So today’s post is dedicated to my cousin Jenna:)  Today my cousin Jenna turns 26 – I am sure she wanted the world to know that:)  More importantly though Jenna is more than my cousin she is the sister I never had.  We have 362 days that separate us and have known each other our whole lives.  I can remember many times of us playing with our brothers  her in her glasses and eye patch and me with my short hair.  She is the reason I got a haircut that looked like a boy and the reason why I ever have a decent hair cut.  We were always close but when my family moved to Michigan when I was 12 we only lived an hour away so we had the opportunity to grow even closer.  During high school we would try and get together to go shopping in Grand Rapids or just hang out.  It wasn’t until college though that we really solidified something more than just being cousins and friends.  Jenna went through a rough first semester of college and eventually decided to change to becoming a hair stylist.  It was at this time I saw my cousin start to grow into the poised, beautiful woman of God she is now.  Our friendship continued to grow even more with weekly phone calls and both of us being the maid of honor in each other’s weddings.  We now live pretty far away – me the West Coast and her in Michigan.  Despite that we still remain as close as ever.  Today I admire her so much – she is an amazing mom to her two little boys who I love dearly, she is a great friend with wonderful advice, and she is an awesome wife.  So Jenna Happy Birthday:)

Us in a nutshell

Her being an amazing mom – she had just had Isaiah and she traveled to my brother’s wedding to see me:)  I told you she is amazing!!!!

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Every morning I get up bright and early and listen to Morning Edition on NPR while I do my morning run.  I  know many of you are probably like you listen to the news while running?  That was the response of the women in my small group when I told them this a couple of weeks ago:)  Anyways as I was listening today I heard a story about a Christian woman in a country in the Middle East ( I can’t remember which country right now).  She is currently in hiding as she is being accused of being blasphemous because of something she said against the government.  I was running when I heard this and I was thinking how I complain about life being hard, and how I think it’s hard to be a Christian sometimes…..this woman put it all in perspective and reminded me how blessed I am to live in the United States a place where freedom of religion is not something to be taken granted.

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hilarious high school students

Today I had one of my Spanish speaker students say the following statement when I asked why he wasn’t sitting down, “They keep throwing farts around.”  It was at this point that I had to sit down and laugh….I hope you do too:)

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This was taken yesterday by someone from our school.  I was actually outside when I saw the rainbow and I was with some students and said look at the rainbow – their response, “Wow that’s tight:)”  Either way rainbows are to me an amazing part of God’s creation.  So yes we have rain here in Portland but we also have rainbows which is pretty amazing.

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Pandora is fullfilling all of my Christmas song needs:)  I am currently listening to the Christmas channel while prepping for my classes tomorrow.  I love Pandora……so does Dave I am guessing as he had the opportunity to wake up and here Christmas music this morning while getting ready.

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Biking in the Rain

Since the weather is in the 40’s here – I know winter is great right?  I decided to ride my bike to school.  In all it’s about a 24 mile round trip bike ride and since I am taking this week off from running to recover from the marathon this seemed like a good alternative.  It was a bit rainy out but it was almost misty.  I threw on my water proof pants and Gortex rain coat both a must here in the winter and headed out.  I have to say I am pretty impressed that it went so well.  I was a little wet but overall all of the waterproof stuff held up and I am sitting here at school drinking my coffee and feeling nice and toasty:)  Have a great day….I think  I might be biking a lot more this winter.

I kind of look like this only with a helmet, as a woman, and with no fenders….something I desperately need:)

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