Birthday Post #1

Decemeber is one of my favorite months for many reasons – Christmas and the birth of Christ, celebrating with friends and family, the anticipation of 2 weeks off (I know you are jealous that you aren’t a teacher) and birthdays.  This is an extra special week because of the 15th (my cousins birthday), 16th (one of my best friend’s birthdays), and the 18th (my birthday).  So today’s post is dedicated to my cousin Jenna:)  Today my cousin Jenna turns 26 – I am sure she wanted the world to know that:)  More importantly though Jenna is more than my cousin she is the sister I never had.  We have 362 days that separate us and have known each other our whole lives.  I can remember many times of us playing with our brothers  her in her glasses and eye patch and me with my short hair.  She is the reason I got a haircut that looked like a boy and the reason why I ever have a decent hair cut.  We were always close but when my family moved to Michigan when I was 12 we only lived an hour away so we had the opportunity to grow even closer.  During high school we would try and get together to go shopping in Grand Rapids or just hang out.  It wasn’t until college though that we really solidified something more than just being cousins and friends.  Jenna went through a rough first semester of college and eventually decided to change to becoming a hair stylist.  It was at this time I saw my cousin start to grow into the poised, beautiful woman of God she is now.  Our friendship continued to grow even more with weekly phone calls and both of us being the maid of honor in each other’s weddings.  We now live pretty far away – me the West Coast and her in Michigan.  Despite that we still remain as close as ever.  Today I admire her so much – she is an amazing mom to her two little boys who I love dearly, she is a great friend with wonderful advice, and she is an awesome wife.  So Jenna Happy Birthday:)

Us in a nutshell

Her being an amazing mom – she had just had Isaiah and she traveled to my brother’s wedding to see me:)  I told you she is amazing!!!!

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