Birthday Post #2

In keeping with the last post today is my second birthday post and it’s dedicated to one of my best friends – Kristen Renee Fields (soon to be a new name but I cannot spell it for the life of me).  I met Kristen over 15 years ago when I had just moved during the last month of 6th grade to Haslett Michigan.  Kristen came over with a group of girls who asked me if I wanted some american cheese.  I know strange right?  But I soon developed friendships with all of these girls and am still close to all of them today.  Kristen and I shared a special friendship over the years as we are both type A neurotic personalities.  We are over achievers who will accept nothing but the best -so we studied together a lot.  One of my favorite memories from middle school was Kristen telling me how she had burned her mouth from chewing too much Big Red Cinnamon gum.  I thought this was hilarious until I tried it and had the same thing happen.  Kristen has always been there for me as we got ready for dances or shopped with Hannah for Christmas presents or anything.  I wasn’t sure what would happen when I went to college but my friendship with her only continued to grow.  We would make trips to IU to see Hannah, go to MSU games, and talk on the phone a lot.  Kristen was always the person I would anticipate seeing when going home for breaks as I would get to see another college life different from mine:)  She always had the best roomate stories too:)  Kristen and I have also shared a birthday that is two days apart and always laughed about how people would give us gifts and say it was a birthday and Christmas gift combined.  We also had a joint surprise party and a joint hotel party:)  As college continued on we would travel together going to Florida with Hannah which was a pretty amazing trip.  Remember the dancers at the dinner we attended?  So funny.  We also took another trip to Florida for my Bachelorette party – lets just say it was a pretty hilarious trip and I will leave it at that.  Through it all Kristen has always been there.  We have both gone through good and bad times we have cried together we have laughed a lot, we have sweat together (all of those runs together – she even did a marathon with me:), and we have bonded.  I am not sure what I would ever do without Kristen.  This past year Kristen started dating an amazing man who proposed to her in September.  She probably doesn’t know this but I had tears of joy in my eyes when she told me the story.  I appreciate her beyond belief and know if it wasn’t for her and Hannah I am not sure what I would do in life.  You how some people just get you?  That’s Kristen and I appreciate how I can tell her numerous school stories and she laughs even 4 years later.  So Kristen I hope your day is special and that you know how special you are to us all.  Love you!!

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