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Weekend Hike

Today Dave and I decided to go for a hike in the Cascade Mountains.  We wanted to go skiing but it was raining in Mt. Hood and the snow was melting so we decided to go hike near Multnomah Falls.  We got dressed in our waterproof pants and jackets and rain boots and set off.  It was 50 degrees when we left but we figured it would be colder when we got to the mountains so we dressed with some layers.  Despite it raining somewhat it was pretty warm.  The drive literally takes us 15 minutes but we decided to get off in Troutdale and take US 30 the scenic highway from where it starts.  It was beautiful.  I still cannot get over how despite it being winter it’s still so green out here.  We stopped at Vista Point, an overlook.

So beautiful right?

I know it’s hard to tell who is more beautiful Dave or the’s a close call but I might be biased.

We then went and stopped at Latourall Falls which had falls that were going at such a high speed people were holding up their umbrellas against the spray from the falls.  The whole drive has different areas that you can stop and hike.  We decided to stop at Angel’s Rest which said it was 2.3 miles.  Well it was 2.6 miles straight up hill to the mountains.  It wasn’t too bad and it was breathtaking at the top.  We hiked through a forest, then rocks that are left over from the volcanoes, and then through mud, and finally to the top.  It was beautiful and complete with mountain streams halfway up that ended in waterfalls at the bottom.  I don’t have any pictures because we didn’t bring the camera up.  All in all the 4.6 mile hike took us awhile but was well worth it.  We then went to Multnomah Falls but only to the bottom.  The rest of the trail was closed due to erosion and mud.  We were pretty tired by then and a little wet since we had shed layers because we were so hot.  Here are two pictures of us in all of our rain gear.

It was a wonderful Saturday and reminded us both why we moved here:)  We love being able to hike in the winter and enjoy the outdoors.  We are now nice and warm watching some football playoffs……I leave with this GO BEARS!!!!!

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End of the Year

So it’s been awhile since I have posted.  I have been back to school and am finally getting over a wicked cold that forced me to lose my voice and call in sick…something I hate doing.  All in all though this winter is going well as it’s currently 50 outside:)  I thought I would share about our Christmas.  Since we moved to Oregon and had taken a vacation earlier Dave had literally no vacation time so we stayed here in Oregon.  It could have been a huge bummer but both of our families rose to the occasion and were amazing.  On Christmas Eve after Dave was done working we went to Christmas eve church and then celebrated Christmas with my family.  My parents set up the skype so that we were on a chair and then we all opened presents together.  It was pretty awesome and felt like we were there with them.  It contained the usual laughter of my family:)  We missed them but it was so nice of everyone to do it this way.  The next morning Dave and I slept in and then skyped with Dave’s family.  Our niece Isla is sitting up now which is amazing to watch although bittersweet.  I made brunch for Dave and I on my new omlet maker thanks mom watson and stayed in pajamas all day including my l.l. bean top – thanks Mom moore:)  Later in the day my parents skyped from the big celebration at my grandma and grandpas.  They did this on Thanksgiving too and it’s hilarious.  My cousin’s son Travis is talking now and said Merry Christmas – adorable.  Despite Dave having no days off we did get to use the last one with a quick trip to Eugene, Oregon.  This is where the University of Oregon is located and the home of Steve Prefontaine……since I am obsessed with running and Dave is too a little bit (he knows even more about Prefontaine as he wrote a paper about him in high school):) it was an awesome trip.

This is at Hayward Field which we will be going to this summer to watch the Prefontaine Classic:)  We toured the town and had awesome Korean food for lunch and then checked into our hotel which was free – thanks United.  We then went to Ninkasi this awesome brewery in Eugene.

The next day I went running on some trails that were made especially for Pre.  I guess after he went to Sweden he loved their soft trails so they made these for Pre.  It was awesome.  We also saw the memorial of where he crashed and died.

It was somewhat bittersweet as you think about how short his life was.  It also reminded me of my dad as we would watch running movies together:)  All in all it was a good end of the year complete with a great New Years.  So here is to the new year a little late I know but I hope everyone has a great new year.  I am pretty excited for this year coming up, the summer in Portland, and being in the weddings of my two best friends this fall:)  So happy for you Hannah and Kristen!!!

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Roosevelt High School Student accepted to Brown on Full Ride

Roosevelt High School Student accepted to Brown on Full Ride

This is a student from my school who is not only one of the first people in his family to graduate from high school but he just got a full ride scholarship to Brown University that includes room and board and travel to and from Portland.  It’s an amazing story and makes me so proud to work here.

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