Catching Up

Well it’s been a crazy couple of weeks for Dave and I which is why I haven’t posted for awhile.  I had the worst cold I have had in years…thank you high school students and lost my voice for a couple of days and then had a sinus infection for the rest of the two weeks.  It was miserable, but I survived:)  Dave has also started his last semester of grad school for his MBA!!  This is pretty awesome as he has been working on this for the last three years and is really happy to be just about done.  The bad thing is that he is now in school Tuesday – Thursday from 7 – 10 at night.  It’s a long day for him but I am so proud of him and how hard he is working.  Honestly I am continually blessed by how amazing my husband is, how hard he works (he has been working a lot of hours at work and doing school work), and how he still makes me feel like I am a priority despite how busy he is.  It’s been a little strange being by myself at night but I have a small group I go to on Tuesdays that is starting back up again and I am busy with doing work for teaching job and I am also going to grad school.  In December I started Western Governor’s University.  It’s an online university that I heard about from Dave’s brother Jon.  I was a little leary about it especially since I personally worked for an online university and though it was pretty ridiculous but I really really like this program.  I am getting my Masters of Education in Instructional Design.  I get to work at my own pace and I don’t have to travel anywhere.  It’s been challenging but I am learning a ton.  I also just finished my first semester here at Roosevelt High School.  After the first semester all I can say is Go Rough Riders.  I loved every second of teaching here and feel challenged, support professionally (something I didn’t have before), and love these students.  It’s nice too because I have been staying after working on school work for my grad classes and working with students and it’s paying off.  I had the best semester grades that I have ever had and if you know my student population (low income, multicultural – many have only lived in the US for a year or two) that’s pretty great.  That’s what Dave and I are up to.  And don’t worry we have still gotten to play in the Northwest despite the business – we have tried some awesome new restaurants including Belly and Bunk Bar a new restaurant and pub.  We are surviving this busy period but we know it’s temporary and are looking forward to May when it will be all done for Dave.  Enjoy your weekend!

This is what I get to see on my way home work:)  Mt. Hood in it’s glory.

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