Valentine’s Day

So yes I know this post is a week late but between grad school for Dave and I, working full time for both of us, and our other various activities this had to wait until this glorious day off called President’s Day:)  Dave and I decided to celebrate last Saturday because I work late on Mondays due to staff meetings and he does homework then for the start of his classes from Tuesday to Thursday.  We got dressed up – me complete in skirt and leopard print tights and heels Dave in his “smoking blazer”  that is really the name of it when we got it at the GAP.  So funny.  Anyways we had a groupon to this place called Mint and 820.  It’s know for fine dining and having an amazing mixologist.  It was a great time.  I thought we were going to have to wait awhile but we got a seat at there 6 person bar.  No drinks are really served there it’s just individual seating.  I had an amazing lamb burger with sweet potato fries and Dave had salmon that was well cooked but could have had a little more zing.  Mostly it’s just nice to spend time with him.  It’s funny because we actually met on Valentine’s Day over 8 years ago.  It was quite what I was expecting as I had heard from mutual friends that Dave thought I was cute.  Apparently he had noticed me working at the deli the month before.  I have to give him props that he thought I was cute as I had to wear a hat and an apron and I was making sandwiches.  Anyways my good friend Morgan said let’s go meet him.  We were already at his dorm and it was a Friday night so we walked to his floor and met our mutual friend Jason.   Our meeting consisted of me saying hi an him bouncing a basketball and ignoring me:)  Not exactly what I was picturing and I wrote him off completely.  Through a little prodding by my friend Morgan and me okay I will admit it being somewhat intrigued we ended up going on a group date a month later and the rest is another story.  How different was our Valentine’s Day a year later or eight years later for that fact?  Still can’t believe I get to spend the rest of my life with him:)  Love you husband!!

The start of our great adventure to Portland, Oregon…

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