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Watching biggest loser on hulu – the women look incredible!

Watching biggest loser on hulu – the women look incredible!

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Today I made the lovely trip to the DMV that I should have made oh in August.  In my defense though it took me three years to do this in Wisconsin so doing it only about 8 months later is not too bad.  I had put it off mainly because I had to take a written test.  I studied this morning and left around 11.  I took my bike and made the approximately 2 to 3 mile ride in the sprinkling rain.  No worries it’s Oregon right so I had prepared with my rain coat and had packed my rain pants.  I made it there and had my passport and social security card but no proof of address.  So I went back and got our lease and then drove all the way back.  I got number 283….they were on 240.  I thought okay it wont be that bad right?  An hour and 45 minutes later I got my number called.  It wasn’t that bad of a wait though and I read the entire driver’s manual so I was pretty prepared.  The actual test only took 10 minutes…..sadly I watch a couple of 16 year old teens fail……devastating right?  I passed and now am the proud owner of an Oregon license:)   Pretty exciting… official west coaster and this is the first time Dave and I have both had the same license for the same state with the same address….I guess we went through a moving phase:)  I am hoping this will be my last DMV visit for awhile.

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Stress Reliver

I used to always think running was my only stress reliever…..and while I still get up every morning to do it I have found a new one…cooking.  Coming from someone who only knew how to make salads and stir fries when she got married this might come as a shock to most.  But I have slowly gotten better to the point where now I really really enjoy it.  Tonight I made this recipe:  The website is all vegetarian…which is great because Dave and I took the plunge again.  It’s not as if we were eating much meat before but it feels good to go back go no meat even chicken.  Also it’s pretty easy to do here in Portland where everywhere has Vegetarian and Vegan options.  Either way it’s much better the second time around.  Here’s to a good busy week complete with the husband making mushroom cap pizzas with asparagus:)

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