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It’s been almost 3 weeks since my last post…aside from the awesome Michael Pollan I did last night. These last three weeks have been the most busy and stressful that I have had all semester. I have given multiple tests, given work samples for my students, started state standardized testing, taken a math test of my own for my certification, and finished an entire instructional unit for my graduate class (5th class about to be done):) I am finally feeling caught up and rested. Last weekend I took hopefully the last math test I will ever have to take for my certification. When I transferred my teaching license from Wisconsin to Oregon I knew that I would have to take two tests that I had never taken before. Once was over civil liberties that I took in August. The other was a new math test. My Praxis 2 qualified here in Oregon but they also require and NES test…..go figure. I scheduled it in November to take in April. It was computerized and it took me that long to find a time to take it. I studied a lot the week before including reminding myself about differentials and integrals in Calculus concepts I hadn’t covered in over ten years. The test was 150 questions. I thought there was no way I would take the whole 4 hours….but low and behold I did. I definitely had to guess on the last 20….but I passed:) What a load off of my shoulders and now as soon as I reapply for my teaching license I will no longer be an Initial teacher but now an Initial 1:) Other than that Dave and I have been super busy with work, graduate classes, and trying to spend time with each other:) The good news is Dave has about 4 weeks left of classes!!!!!!!!!! Then he is done forever. It will be pretty nice to get my husband back during the week. Not to mention how extremely proud I am of him for not only working full time, but also going to class three times a week and preparing for a paper he and another student are presenting at a conference in Boston – I know my husband is the smartest person I know:) We did go to an awesome Date night last night to see Michael Pollan speak. He wrote In the Defense of Food. It was incredibly inspiring and reminded me how important it is to really look at what you are putting into your body and where are you getting your food from. Just because something says it is free range doesn’t mean the actual farm is doing just that. I recently went back to being a vegetarian full time and I feel better than ever. I know people probably think you run so much how are you getting protein but honestly I am getting protein from a lot better sources than meat. Today when I was grocery shopping I realized how much produce we buy and how little other stuff I get which is a good thing. The thing I really enjoyed the most was how Michael challenged people to not judge how others eat but instead provide better options. My question now is though what about the poor? Has anyone ever seen what is served for free and reduced lunch or what the options are for people who use food stamps or a food bank? Pretty atrocious…..I am hoping something in our government changes with that but if you donate to the food bank really look at what you are giving and think would I want to eat that? Hope everyone has a great week before Easter… of my favorite holidays is Christ rising again:) Perfect timing with spring and everything blooming….

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