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Today my little brother who isn’t so little anymore graduates from MSU.  The amazing thing is that he did it in three years:)  This morning I got to speak to both of my brothers who I love dearly.  I feel like I have a pretty unique relationship with my brothers.  While they did annoy sometimes with the things they did growing up overall we were all really close.  We now all live in three different states but we still talk and tweet a lot:)  I am so proud of both of my brothers and what they have accomplished.  Nathan who is graduating today not only graduated in 3 years but he also did his last year while being married to my amazing sister-in-law:)  Derek has his own web development business – which is amazing:)  So while I won’t admit this to them because I try and appear tough I did shed some tears this morning at the thought of not being able to be there today because as a big sister I am extremely proud, know that I am there in spirit.  So Nathan and Derek Big Nik/Sissy is so proud of you both!!

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Today marks the day that my amazing husband has his last masters class.  As of this weekend my husband, David Christopher Watson will now have an MBA to add to his degrees.  I am more proud of him than I can even write.  Through four years, summer classes, night classes, two different universities, working full time, numerous group projects, and this last semester of three night classes until 10:30 at night every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday he is finished.  Not only is he finished he finished with honors.  I have always admired my husband but this just further proves how high his work ethic is and how great he is.  I can’t wait to see where God takes us next.  Congrats Husband:)

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