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A long time ago Dave and I figured out how to change our names in our email so that mine said wifey and his said husband:) – yes complete with the smiley face.  We thought it was just for us but then someone on a family email wanted to know why my name said wifey.  Dave changed my name back but I kept his not worrying about it.  Until today that is when I sent an important email off and cc’ed it to Dave.  This morning he showed me how it didn’t say David Watson but instead it said husband……His name has now been change back.  Sorry Husband or should I say Dave:)

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Our Story

5 years ago today I married my best friend…and I couldn’t be happier.  I thought I would tell the story of how Dave and I met on our blog today.  We met my freshman year and Dave’s sophomore year although our stories might differ a little:)  Dave and I had mutual friends.  My good friend Morgan was good friends with Dave’s friend Jason.  During the month of January I was working at the Deli in the dining commons.  I guess Dave saw me making a sandwich and he likes a girl who can make a sandwich so he mentioned to his friends that he thought I was cute.  I often wonder what he saw because I was literally wearing a hat and an apron:)  Anyways throughout January Dave’s friends teased him a lot about the sandwich girl and I would occasionally get random calls out of cars while walking around campus.  I still had no idea who he was but I finally met Dave on Valentine’s Day.  My friend Morgan and I went to visit Jason and Dave was there bouncing a basketball.  Now I thought this first meeting would go well since I knew he thought I was cute….and I was looking pretty hot.  No instead he kept bouncing the basketball.  It was pretty strange and I left thinking nothing of it.  March came around and my wing that I lived on was doing a group date.  I had no one I wanted to go with so after talking with Morgan and my roomate I thought hey why not call Dave.  I called and left him a message.  Well he called later after he worked up the courage to call – sweet right?  We talked for a while about lots of things but one thing I remember was Calculus.  See a man after my own heart:)  I didn’t really know what to expect but i figured we could at least talk.  The date was random and had some hide and seek thing in the library.  Dave and I instead talked the whole time and looked our names up on the internet.  We ended up hanging out for the whole night complete with Steak and Shake…we went to college literally int he middle of no where.  When I got home all I could think about was I hope he calls me again.  He did even asking me to help him get his mom a birthday present.  After spring break I was head over heals for him.  I know it’s strange but I knew even then that he was unlike anyone I had ever dated and I wanted to be more than BFF:)  The only problem was Dave was studying abroad the next semester in Lithuania and we weren’t sure if that would work having a long distance relationship so soon.  We lucky for us we took the plunge.  Who would have known that 8 years later I am still head over heals for him.  Dave is everything I dreamed of and more.  This past week I have seen him exhibit more wisdom that I thought he ever had all the while reminding me that he just wants to take care of me.  No one makes me laugh more, causes me to take adventures and enjoy life than him.  You are my best friend and I can’t wait to see what the years bring us.  He truly is my blessing from God.  I love you Husband – wifey:)

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20 Rules For Eating

This is from an article in which Michael Pollan wanted readers to write their own rules….if you haven’t read Pollan’s original rules you should…they are pretty awesome.

Earlier this year, Michael Pollan posted a request for reader’s rules about eating. Within days, he had received more than 2,500 responses. Here are some of Pollan’s 20 favorites:

1. Don’t eat egg salad from a vending machine.

2. Don’t eat anything that took more energy to ship than to grow.

3. If you are not hungry enough to eat an apple, then you’re not hungry.

4. Eat foods in inverse proportion to how much its lobby spends to push it.

5. Avoid snack foods with the “oh” sound in their names: Doritos, Cheetos, Tostitos, Ho Hos, etc.

6. No second helpings, no matter how scrumptious.

7. It’s better to pay the grocer than the doctor.

8. You may not leave the table until you finish your fruit.

9. You don’t get fat on food you pray over. (Meals prepared at home, served at the table and given thanks for are more appreciated and more healthful than food eaten on the run.)

10. Breakfast you should eat alone. Lunch you should share with a friend. Dinner, give to your enemy.

11. Never eat something that is pretending to be something else (artificial sweeteners, margarine, etc.)

12. Don’t yuck someone’s yum. There is someone out there who likes deep-fried sheep eyeballs and, well, more power to them.

13. Make and take your own lunch to work.

14. Eat until you are seven-tenths full and save the other three-tenths for hunger.

15. I am living in Japan and following these simple rules in preparing each meal: GO HO – incorporate five different cooking methods, GO SHIKI – incorporate five colors, GO MI – incorporate five flavors.

16. One of my top rules for eating comes from economics. The law of diminishing marginal utility reminds me that each additional bite is generally less satisfying than the previous bite. This helps me slow down, savor the first bites, stop eating sooner.

17. Don’t eat anything you aren’t willing to kill yourself.

18. When drinking tea, just drink tea. I find this Zen teaching useful, given my inclination toward information absorption in the morning, when I’m also trying to eat breakfast, get the dog out, start the fire and organize my day.

19. When you’re eating, don’t talk about other past meals, whether better or worse. Focus on what’s in front of you.

20. After spending some time working with people with eating disorders, I came up with this rule: Don’t create arbitrary rules for eating if their only purpose is to help you feel in control.

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Memorial Coliseum

I’m at Memorial Coliseum (Portland, OR)

“Watching high school graduation”

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Summer Weekend

Wow we are finally slowing down after this crazy semester.  Dave finished his MBA which was awesome and I finished my first semester of graduate school and I finished teaching night school this past Thursday.  Next Tuesday I am done with school and then it’s summer.  Don’t hate but I really do have the best job:)  This summer Dave and I have lots of visitors coming and we plan on going on some vacations ourselves.  This week my best friend Hannah came for two days with her fiance.  They just got back from teaching in South Korea and were pretty tired but it was so nice to see her.  I gave them the tour of Portland complete with Voodoo Donuts, Powell’s Books, Anthropology, and coffee with an old friend.  This past weekend was amazing as far as weather was concerned in Portland.  On Friday we had the privilege of attending our friends’ Chris and Jayme’s wedding on the beach.  I grew up with Chris in Haslett and we have been friends since we were 12:)  He has lived here for about 2 years.  I met his now wife Jayme when we moved here and have been in the same small group with her this past year.  The wedding was amazing complete with blue skies and 75 degree weather.  It was great seeing Chris’s parents and family too.  After the wedding they had the reception at a house they rented which was amazing.  Dave bravely drove the winding roads home from the ocean.  The next day the weather was even better with a high of 80!!  Dave and I biked all day and went all over the city.  We went to the International Rose Test Garden, the Japanese Garden, had Sushi for lunch and then people watched at Pioneer Square.  It was a perfect day and now we are winding down this week.  I have some pictures below of our amazing weekend.

Dave at Cannon Beach

Me loving Cannon Beach

The lovely ladies from my small group

Dave and I

The bride and groom

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Chilling in pdx on this nice 80 degree weather

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