Summer Weekend

Wow we are finally slowing down after this crazy semester.  Dave finished his MBA which was awesome and I finished my first semester of graduate school and I finished teaching night school this past Thursday.  Next Tuesday I am done with school and then it’s summer.  Don’t hate but I really do have the best job:)  This summer Dave and I have lots of visitors coming and we plan on going on some vacations ourselves.  This week my best friend Hannah came for two days with her fiance.  They just got back from teaching in South Korea and were pretty tired but it was so nice to see her.  I gave them the tour of Portland complete with Voodoo Donuts, Powell’s Books, Anthropology, and coffee with an old friend.  This past weekend was amazing as far as weather was concerned in Portland.  On Friday we had the privilege of attending our friends’ Chris and Jayme’s wedding on the beach.  I grew up with Chris in Haslett and we have been friends since we were 12:)  He has lived here for about 2 years.  I met his now wife Jayme when we moved here and have been in the same small group with her this past year.  The wedding was amazing complete with blue skies and 75 degree weather.  It was great seeing Chris’s parents and family too.  After the wedding they had the reception at a house they rented which was amazing.  Dave bravely drove the winding roads home from the ocean.  The next day the weather was even better with a high of 80!!  Dave and I biked all day and went all over the city.  We went to the International Rose Test Garden, the Japanese Garden, had Sushi for lunch and then people watched at Pioneer Square.  It was a perfect day and now we are winding down this week.  I have some pictures below of our amazing weekend.

Dave at Cannon Beach

Me loving Cannon Beach

The lovely ladies from my small group

Dave and I

The bride and groom

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