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House Photos

Everyone keeps asking me about house photos so here they are.  They are a work in progress and we’ll be updating a lot but here is what we have to start with:)  Enjoy the album!

House Pictures

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Blueberry Banana Bread

Today was the first day that I actually felt a little settled.  There is still so much to do but the boxes are unpacked and the house is really clean:)  Now all I have to tackle are the outside windows, yard work, gutter cleaning, etc.  The list is long but at least the house is livable and pretty amazing.  I found two ripe bananas in my fridge today and I thought banana bread it is.  I didn’t need to search for recipes because I had already seen one on the blog .  Her recipes are pretty good and healthy so I decided to try this one.  I substituted soy milk for buttermilk, olive oil for canola oil, and whole wheat flour for white flour.  Pretty amazing.  Thanks for the recipe:)

And yes that is the back splash in the kitchen – tomorrow I will be taking pictures:)

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The Big Move

Well it’s official Dave and I are now moved into our new house.  Many people were surprised that we bought a house mainly because we didn’t really broadcast that we were looking.  But we have actually been looking since December, although not by choice.  In December we were cleaning our bedroom over Christmas break and we found mold growing all over our back wall in our bedroom.  Needless to say we were pretty upset.  We called our landlord and she assured us that she fixed it.  We didn’t really believe her so we set out looking for a house.  We knew we wanted to stay and settle in Oregon the question was where.  I honestly did not think that it would take as long as it did.  In fact by June we had pretty much given up and were looking to rent since our lease was up.  We saw one last house and that was the house – funny how God works like that but we knew it was the one.  The process wasn’t easy but in the end it all worked out.  The only bad part was when moving on Sunday we found mold all over our bedroom furniture.  That combined with the heat, a dryer that wasn’t working, and a house that needed a good deep cleaning it was pretty upsetting.  But it all worked out.  My parents were here so they did a bunch of cleaning, we got new bedroom furniture and I have now washed every piece of clothing and anything that was in the apartment.  Mold free:)  So while this process wasn’t easy I am so glad that we get to be in this amazing house.  We both feel that God has blessed us with this house that we can now share with everyone else.  We had a lot of visitors lined up this next month and welcome anyone else who wants to come.  Oh and plenty of people want pictures – don’t worry as soon as it’s a little more settle I will post them.  Thanks for all the help from people and for the advice family:)  We appreciated it all.

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No dinner picture tonight although I did make vegetable pitas with zucchini, onions and potatoes from the csa and Asian coleslaw complete with cabbage from the CSA. In other news my parents are coming on Thursday which Dave and I are super excited for:) off to bed!

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Caprese Salad and Portobello Mushroom With Lemon Aioli

Dinner tonight:

When I saw that our box from the CSA this week had basil and tomatoes I knew I had to make a Caprese Salad.  I follow my own recipe of a container of tomatoes, a bunch of basil, and 8 oz of fresh mozzarella.  I then drizzle balsamic vinegar and oil and season with 21 seasoning salute (a trader joe’s specialty), salt, and pepper.  So good and so fresh.  The tomatoes were my favorite.  I decided I needed to make Portobello mushroom sandwiches to go with this so I went searching for a recipe this afternoon a perk of being off:)  I found this: and then I modified it a bit.  I used their marinade and let it sit in the fridge for a couple of hours another perk of being off – letting food sit in the marinade.  I then sautéed some onions from the CSA while the mushrooms sauteed.  I then flipped them over gill side up and let them finish sautéing while letting the cheese (I chose medium cheddar from Tillamook a local dairy farm in Oregon) and onions melt into the mushroom.  I finished by serving the mushrooms on Ezekiel bread.  If you have never had this bread it’s amazing.  I did end up going with the Lemon Aioli which I was a little nervous about but it was pretty awesome.  

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Don’t these look amazing?  Go to 

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Rubber to the Road Bike Ride

This morning Dave and I woke up to rain.  We were pretty disappointed because we wanted to go on a bike ride but we waited the morning out and enjoyed some coffee.  We were rewarded with somewhat clear skies and decided to go for it.  We chose to do the Rubber to the Road route – . Basically it was a 35 mile bike ride since we had to travel to get to the path.  Sounds fine right?  I have neglected to tell you that it has a 2247 elevation gain with the highest point being at 1207 feet.  Here’s a picture of Dave on the St. John’s Bridge – we hadn’t reach the highest hills yet:

After this point it was nothing but uphill for the next miles – not sure how many but it felt like forever.  The great part of this ride was that it was through Forest Park which is a park in Portland with 100’s of miles of trails and is gorgeous – as long as you are okay with the hills.  Here’s some pictures of me about halfway through the hills:

and another


It was an amazing ride that left us exhausted but satisfied:)  Just another amazing weekend in Portland!

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Dinner tonight : Greek salad courtesy of the pioneer woman –

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Homemade Pad Thai

Yesterday I was craving Pad Thai but I hate those pre-made mixes soley beacause of the chemicals in them so I went searching on my numerous recipe blogs and came across this recipe from the Tasty Kitchen from Pioneer Woman:

Here’s a picture:

I used the sauce they had identically only used mushroom oyster sauce instead of fish sauce which can be interchanged.  I also added romano green beens from our CSA which are amazing.  I stir-fried those and green peppers.  I also stir-fried up tofu which was the perfect addition.  I mixed everything together including the vermicelli noodles that were from China:) Topped off with peanuts, cilantro (from the CSA), and lime it made for an amazing meal!

Tonight it looks like we are having Greek Salad which I love:)  Perfect after a great day of a nice long 10 mile run, lunch with a friend, enjoying downtown PDX, and then a quick trip to the library.  

I also got my first comment from another blogger:)  Pretty pumped about that.  Enjoy your Thursday!

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Lunch Today

Today as I was looking through my google reader I came across an awesome lunch.  The blogger from always talks about her chopped greek salads for lunch.  She posted her recipe and I had to try it.  I didn’t have all the ingredients but I love greek salad, any salad for that matter so I put together what I had.  Here’s a picture of what her’s looks like:

I made mine with the following ingredients:

Red Lettuce

Green Pepper




and then I made her dressing the same way.  It was awesome.  I will be buying the ingredients for this to have every day.  I loved the homemade dressing the best.  I am not a fan of the ingredients in most dressings as I don’t usually know what they are and I have policy to try and not eat stuff that I don’t know what it is.  This is a really quick lunch fix that I will definitely be having once school starts up again:)


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