Pasta with Goat Cheese

I recently saw this recipe in the latest issue of my Real Simple.  I decided I needed to try it and since I was heading to Trader Joe’s I was able to get the goat cheese really cheap – their cheeses are awesome and really cheap.  I used the base of this recipe and then changed it up – a lot.  I had a bunch of stuff I still needed to use from my CSA this week so I went to town.  First I cut up one head of cauliflower, chives, onions, and green onions.  I put them in a pan with oil, salt and pepper, and 21 Seasoning Salute (Trader Joe’s – I thank my awesome mother-in-law for introducing this to me over 8 years ago on her amazing salads:).  When this was done sauteing and I made sure the cauliflower was pretty soft I then combined it with the cooked pasta, fresh dill, chives, some oil, and the goat cheese.  It was amazing!!  The goat cheese made a light but not thick cheese sauce.  Perfect for a light summer dinner:)  If you want the Real Simple recipe go hear –  I suggest my improvisation:)  I think brocoli would be a great add in and I would definitely put some basil in too.   Maybe cilantro too?  Any other suggestions?

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