The Big Move

Well it’s official Dave and I are now moved into our new house.  Many people were surprised that we bought a house mainly because we didn’t really broadcast that we were looking.  But we have actually been looking since December, although not by choice.  In December we were cleaning our bedroom over Christmas break and we found mold growing all over our back wall in our bedroom.  Needless to say we were pretty upset.  We called our landlord and she assured us that she fixed it.  We didn’t really believe her so we set out looking for a house.  We knew we wanted to stay and settle in Oregon the question was where.  I honestly did not think that it would take as long as it did.  In fact by June we had pretty much given up and were looking to rent since our lease was up.  We saw one last house and that was the house – funny how God works like that but we knew it was the one.  The process wasn’t easy but in the end it all worked out.  The only bad part was when moving on Sunday we found mold all over our bedroom furniture.  That combined with the heat, a dryer that wasn’t working, and a house that needed a good deep cleaning it was pretty upsetting.  But it all worked out.  My parents were here so they did a bunch of cleaning, we got new bedroom furniture and I have now washed every piece of clothing and anything that was in the apartment.  Mold free:)  So while this process wasn’t easy I am so glad that we get to be in this amazing house.  We both feel that God has blessed us with this house that we can now share with everyone else.  We had a lot of visitors lined up this next month and welcome anyone else who wants to come.  Oh and plenty of people want pictures – don’t worry as soon as it’s a little more settle I will post them.  Thanks for all the help from people and for the advice family:)  We appreciated it all.

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