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I got this from my brother’s blog…..and I laughed out loud as I remember watching this exact episode.  Yes you are probably thinking weren’t you too old for Arthur when it came out?  Probably but I remember watching this in seventh grade religiously with my friend Morgan:)  Enjoy and I still think this song is true.  The library card is one of the first things I get when I move somewhere new:)

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This past week

So I have been crazy busy this past week but that’s because this person came to visit me:

Super old picture but that’s my brother Derek and he was able to come visit us for the last week:)  It was awesome and I can’t wait until I get to see him again.  If you know me at all you know that I love my brothers – I can’t wait to see Nathan and his wife in two weeks.  I know a lot of people fought with their brothers and sisters growing up but overall I got along really well with my brothers and think they are pretty amazing.  Derek actually took the Amtrak – Empire Builder to come and see us.  He left a week ago Thursday and then came in on Saturday.  We met up with him at around noon and took him to the farmer’s market.  It was great as usual and we got some good veggies for dinner.  One of the best parts of my brother coming is that he is a huge biker so we biked everywhere.  We went to the top of Mt. Tabor that day and got some beers out on Hawthorne.  We made a great dinner on the grill and had a good fire.  The next day we went to the ocean.  I got to run on the ocean beach and we hiked to the top of Falcon Point – beautiful.  The rest of the week was really busy as we actually had my Uncle and Aunt and cousins in for Monday night, Dave and I both worked, and we had fun every night:)   I hope my brother knows how proud we are of him and how we wish he lived closer but that we had an amazing time with him.  It’s pretty amazing to see everything he has accomplished and everything he will.  I am feeling so blessed to know what a great family I have.

Happy Weekend!

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Trip to Vancouver Island

This past Saturday Dave and I left for a five day trip to Vancouver Island, British on an awesome vacation that included on this below:

Yep that’s all we took our bikes complete with bike panniers and a back-pack for both of us.  It was awesome.  We started by leaving early Saturday morning although first we had to figure out how to get both of our bikes on the back of our car.  We have a 2 bike bike rack for our car but since my bike is quite smaller than Dave’s it was pretty interesting but we got it.  We drove 2 hours north to Olympia, Washington and then got on Highway 101 to Port Angeles, Washington.  It was so beautiful as the drive was through Olympic National Forest.  We got there around noon and got on the ferry to go over to to Vancouver Island.  We were headed for the city of Victoria:)  On the ferry over, which was quite cold, we saw a whale!!!  Pretty much made our day.  We made it over and hopped on our bikes looking for lunch which was at Red Fish Blue Fish.  We had both read great reviews about this place and had high hopes as we had to wait in an hour.  It was good but not quite up to what the reviews said.  Overall there wasn’t much of a food scene here.  We then set off for our hotel – which was the University of Victoria.  Hilarious right?  When looking we saw that you could stay at the university for a fraction of the price and we ended up getting breakfast for free in the cafeteria every morning.  It was hilarious.  We were exhausted getting our bikes up the hills but we dropped our stuff off and headed back down.  It was super windy but really beautiful.  We sat out on a patio with a beer and enjoyed the evening.

On Sunday we decided to take one of our many bike rides.  Keep in mind if we go downtown it is a 12 mile round trip so yesterday we had done 18 not bad but it seemed even worse with our heavy bikes.  Today we decided to ride around the Sannich Peninsula.  It was an amazing ride and was probably around 30 to 40 miles.  Tough but again beautiful views on the water.

Monday we decided it was time to explore the city.  After a run for me and breakfast in the cafeteria we ventured downtown.  Our first stop was Beacon Hill Park.  It was beautiful and had peacocks walking around the park.

Then off to the houseboats on the harbor downtown.

Then off to see the Parliament and China town.

Lastly we rode our bikes up the coast line in an amazing bike ride on the ocean complete with a good amount of hills.

On Tuesday, our last whole day on the island, we decided to do one more bike ride and rode a trail called the galloping goose.  It took us to this amazing university that had a castle on the grounds and was on a spit into the ocean.

We took the trail back and headed into the city.  We were getting ready to cross a bridge and I had a little problem happen to me.  Dave and I both have bike shoes that clip into our peddles.  Me being the clumsy person I am was a little worried about this but I did pretty good the whole time – at least for me.  I hit disaster when we were stopped there and I couldn’t get my feet out of the peddles.  I told Dave oh no and fell on the side. A crowd of about 30 people were coming out of the bridge….so embarrassing but so funny:)  We enjoyed the rest of the day and packed up the next morning.  When we got back across into America we saw a sign for Hurricane Ridge in Olympic National Park.  It was only noon and we had nothing to get back to so we decided to go up.  It was absolutely breathtaking!

The ride up was all uphill something we want to do with our bikes someday but Dave decided to take his bike down it.  Pretty crazy but that’s what I love about him:)

It was an amazing vacation but even better I just had a great time with my husband.  I can honestly do anything with him and enjoy it but it was so nice to get away and enjoy God’s beauty.

Happy Weekend!

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A Good Night

Yesterday was a pretty awesome day.  I felt really productive and not only mopped the main floor, but cleaned both bathrooms, and wrote two papers.  When Dave suggested we meet at Captured by Porches an awesome local brewery out of a truck in a food cart area I was quick to agree.  The weather was great and we did some fun people watching as the food cart started to fill up.  We next decided to go to the top of Mount Tabor.  It’s a city park on a volcano that is right by our house.  The views are amazing and so are all of the trees.  It was pretty great.  Times like this just remind me of how blessed I am to have Dave.  His spontaneity is one of the many things I love about him.  On the way home I suggested going out to eat but Dave said we needed to use the veggies from the CSA.  So we got home to cook dinner which turned out to be amazing.  Every week our CSA sends out recipes which are amazing.  This week it was veggie fried rice and garlic green beans.  We set to work and first put some basmati rice in our rice cooker and let it cook for a long time.  Rice cookers are amazing – perfect rice every time.  I went to work cutting up garlic, carrots, mushrooms, and cilantro.  We also put tofu in the veggie fried rice and coated it with 3 Tbs of corn starch, salt and pepper.  While this was going on we boiled the water and then put the green beans in for 3 minutes.  After the rice was done we started the fried rice.  We first stir – fried the tofu until it was golden brown on both sides.  Then we took that out and put it on a plate and started the veggies.  We put all the veggies together and stir fried for about 10 minutes.  In another pan we stir-fried the green beans with garlic.  Once everything was done we put soy sauce on both dishes and got what is shown below:

Not bad although I will say this is a better to make with two people – you definitely need all of the hands.

Today I started my first of many long runs for my marathon training.  I knocked out 12 miles this morning and felt pretty good which I should since I have been running pretty heavy mileage lately.  Once back I did laundry to prepare for our upcoming trip.  Dave and I are headed to Victoria on Vancouver Island.  We are only bringing our bikes so it should be pretty awesome.  I am hoping to see whales, a castle, and go on a vineyard tour:)  Since we are going to Canada we’ll be a little MIA from the blog but we’ll be back with tons of pictures and adventures!

Happy Friday!!

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Awesome Ted Talk about creativity in schools and how it’s lacking.

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Wednesday Night Dinner

Every week on Fridays we get our veggies from our CSA.  This past week we got corn on the cob.  You would think having grown up in the midwest Dave and I would salivating at the thought of corn on the cob since that’s a staple in the summer on a midwest table but we aren’t super fond of it.  So the task was up to me to find out how to use all of the corn.  I first thought salads.  Today I had a meeting at school so I brought my lunch of a salad with corn among the other vegetables.  It was good but only used one corn on the cob.  I decided to get creative.  After a long day of running, strength training, cleaning, biking to and back from school I was ready to unwind with cooking.  The first think I attempted to make was the Viva Vegan Salad:  My friend Ciara showed me this website and it’s pretty amazing.  Especially with training for a marathon my miles have gone way up for running and this website has a bunch of great recipes.  Here’s the final product:

Next I decided to make Corn, Buttermilk, and Chives turnovers from Smitten Kitchen.  If you haven’t visited her blog I am not sure why.  She has amazing recipes that are all pretty easy.  I just threw everything into my blender:)  Here’s the final product:

Here’s the recipe:

Lastly my beautiful friend Jen who just had a baby and is amazing recommended a recipe this summer from Martha Stewart called Chilled Avocado Cucumber Soup.  Again I just threw everything in my blender.  Here’s the recipe: and here’s my final product:

I would have to say I really liked all three of these.  I loved the salad because I am a huge salad person but the soup was the most unique.  Definitely add more yogurt as the jalapeno was pretty overpowering.  My popovers were a hit with my friend Ciara and her boyfriend.  Well I am off to watch some Master Chef and plan for our trip to Vancouver Island this weekend.  More on that later:)

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I don’t talk about it too often on this blog but running is one of my all time favorite things to do.  It started when I was in middle school and I had to run this half mile thing for gym class.  I was new in school and I just ran it and finished second.  No big deal as it wasn’t a race but my gym teacher encouraged me to go out for cross country that next fall.  I trained all summer long running a mile or two every day:)  This makes me laugh as I run quite a bit more.  I did cross country and track all through middle and high school still pretty obsessed with it and I ended up being pretty decent.  I even broke the 2-mile record and my high school although it’s a small town.  My senior year I hit a wall and just got really burned out from running.  I had always thought I would run in college but that year I said no and just ran the summer before college for pleasure.  Throughout college one of my best friends was on the cross country and track team and she always tried to get me to run but I liked my time.  I even married a former cross country and track runner.  I did a couple of half marathons in college but I really got hit by the competing bug again when I ran my first marathon – the Chicago Marathon.  We can thank my best friend Kristen for encouraging me to do this and running a ridiculous fast pace – I know she’s the best.  Well I ended up qualifying for the Boston Marathon and ran that and another marathon.  Currently I am training for the Portland Marathon.  Now you may be wondering why are you telling me this story well the reason is I got the chance to run with one of my old teammates and friends from high school who recently moved back to Portland.  Kind of crazy since I grew up in Michigan but Portland is great so who can blame them.  Portland is like a running meca due to Nike being headquarted here.  Anyways since I am a running geek all of the runners I love to watch live here.  Point in case my friend from high school Jeannette who just ran an olympic marathon qualifying time:)  Yeah and I got to run with her and kept up with her…don’t worry it was a long run and I am sure she was humoring me.  Either way it was a blast to catch up with her and makes me so glad that I can still run like that.  And hey maybe some of her fastness will rub off on me.  I am leaving you with this pretty awesome picture Dave took of me from the Boston Marathon.  Basically it was the end of the race and I hadn’t seen him yet and I finally saw him the last half mile:)

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Yard Work

Ever notice that smell when you go to Home Depot?  Yeah you know what I am talking about the smell when you enter.  I call it the work smell.  Laugh now but that’s why I hate going to Home Depot…it smells like work.  My dad always laughs when I tell him this – Dave too.  My dad also told Dave how I would always disappear when we would have to do yard work at our house growing up.  In my defense the better waitress shifts were always on Saturdays – could I help it that that’s when they would do yard work.  Well the times have changed as we now have a house that needs a little tlc when it comes to yard work.  Today that’s what Dave and I did.  He mowed with our manual push mower – no gas which means no carbon emissions.  I love it:)  We also got some gardening tools and seeds that can be planted in the fall.  So while Dave got to clean moss off the outside and re-grout our kitchen and bathroom sink I weeded, and weeded, and weeded.  I filled up half of a 32 gallon garbage can as the other half was filled from an earlier bush trimming that we did this week.  I am happy to say that it looks pretty great.  I will put some pictures up soon but our rose bushes are blooming again and I can actually see some bushes.  I am also hopeful that our kale, beans, cucumbers, bok choi, turnips, and radishes will grow.  So maybe that smell of work isn’t so bad if it’s for your own house.

Happy Saturday!

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At mission beach: “Ocean”

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mission beach

I’m at mission beach (San Diego, CA)


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