San Diego

So I have been a little M.I.A from blogging this week.  That’s because I have been attending this conference:

Now before those of you who think teachers shouldn’t get to go to San Diego for a conference start complaining I actually have a grant to go here.  I got asked in February if I would like to apply for the Miller Teaching Grant.  It’s for teachers in Oregon who have taught less than 5 years.  Since this was my last year doing that I thought sure and went for it.  I decided I wanted to go to AVID a program that our school implements that helps students to prepare for college and a NCTM (National Council for Teachers of Mathematics) regional conference.  I got the grant which made my day because I was so surprised so here I am.  I arrived Sunday morning after Dave graciously got up at 4:50 am to drive me to the airport.  While I am missing my husband like crazy because let’s be honest he is amazing I am having a great time.  On Sunday I was actually on the plane with a fellow teacher who I have gotten to spend time with.  I had a rental car so first thing I did upon arrival was go running at the beach.  I am training for the Portland Marathon so I can’t let my training schedule go to waste:)  It was an amazing run that I really enjoyed.  I then went to my hotel – the Sheraton.  It’s pretty amazing – take a look:

I have a king bed which is ridiculous given my size but hey lots of room to spread out.  I was able to go to California Pizza Kitchen with my teacher friend and we had a great time.  Monday morning I woke up bright and early for an awesome run and then made my way to the conference.  To say this has been amazing is nothing short of the description I can give.  The conference has been incredible and I have learned so many ways to engage my students critically and in groups which is a big part of our mathematical curriculum.  I am also going to be on the site team at my school which I am really excited about.  Today everyone from our school had lunch on the ocean at an awesome restaurant where I had Lobster Tacos – I know not necessarily vegetarian but it was their specialty and was amazing.  Tomorrow is the last day and I am so excited to get back and start planning.  I know I love my job what can I say.  One thing that has also stood out here is how amazing the staff is at my high school.  I knew when I got the job last year two days before school started that God had big things planned but I never expected such amazing colleagues who have awesome ideas.  I can’t wait for school to start:)  

In other words Dave has done a ton of work on our house so it looks like I might be updating our picture album.  I know my husband is amazing what can I say?

Have a great night:)  I know I will:)  I will soon be enjoying a salad to go from Cheesecake Factoring and am savoring my glass of wine after a long day.  The only thing that could make this better is husband – wish he was here but tomorrow I get to see him!!!!!

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