Yard Work

Ever notice that smell when you go to Home Depot?  Yeah you know what I am talking about the smell when you enter.  I call it the work smell.  Laugh now but that’s why I hate going to Home Depot…it smells like work.  My dad always laughs when I tell him this – Dave too.  My dad also told Dave how I would always disappear when we would have to do yard work at our house growing up.  In my defense the better waitress shifts were always on Saturdays – could I help it that that’s when they would do yard work.  Well the times have changed as we now have a house that needs a little tlc when it comes to yard work.  Today that’s what Dave and I did.  He mowed with our manual push mower – no gas which means no carbon emissions.  I love it:)  We also got some gardening tools and seeds that can be planted in the fall.  So while Dave got to clean moss off the outside and re-grout our kitchen and bathroom sink I weeded, and weeded, and weeded.  I filled up half of a 32 gallon garbage can as the other half was filled from an earlier bush trimming that we did this week.  I am happy to say that it looks pretty great.  I will put some pictures up soon but our rose bushes are blooming again and I can actually see some bushes.  I am also hopeful that our kale, beans, cucumbers, bok choi, turnips, and radishes will grow.  So maybe that smell of work isn’t so bad if it’s for your own house.

Happy Saturday!

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