I don’t talk about it too often on this blog but running is one of my all time favorite things to do.  It started when I was in middle school and I had to run this half mile thing for gym class.  I was new in school and I just ran it and finished second.  No big deal as it wasn’t a race but my gym teacher encouraged me to go out for cross country that next fall.  I trained all summer long running a mile or two every day:)  This makes me laugh as I run quite a bit more.  I did cross country and track all through middle and high school still pretty obsessed with it and I ended up being pretty decent.  I even broke the 2-mile record and my high school although it’s a small town.  My senior year I hit a wall and just got really burned out from running.  I had always thought I would run in college but that year I said no and just ran the summer before college for pleasure.  Throughout college one of my best friends was on the cross country and track team and she always tried to get me to run but I liked my time.  I even married a former cross country and track runner.  I did a couple of half marathons in college but I really got hit by the competing bug again when I ran my first marathon – the Chicago Marathon.  We can thank my best friend Kristen for encouraging me to do this and running a ridiculous fast pace – I know she’s the best.  Well I ended up qualifying for the Boston Marathon and ran that and another marathon.  Currently I am training for the Portland Marathon.  Now you may be wondering why are you telling me this story well the reason is I got the chance to run with one of my old teammates and friends from high school who recently moved back to Portland.  Kind of crazy since I grew up in Michigan but Portland is great so who can blame them.  Portland is like a running meca due to Nike being headquarted here.  Anyways since I am a running geek all of the runners I love to watch live here.  Point in case my friend from high school Jeannette who just ran an olympic marathon qualifying time:)  Yeah and I got to run with her and kept up with her…don’t worry it was a long run and I am sure she was humoring me.  Either way it was a blast to catch up with her and makes me so glad that I can still run like that.  And hey maybe some of her fastness will rub off on me.  I am leaving you with this pretty awesome picture Dave took of me from the Boston Marathon.  Basically it was the end of the race and I hadn’t seen him yet and I finally saw him the last half mile:)

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