Wednesday Night Dinner

Every week on Fridays we get our veggies from our CSA.  This past week we got corn on the cob.  You would think having grown up in the midwest Dave and I would salivating at the thought of corn on the cob since that’s a staple in the summer on a midwest table but we aren’t super fond of it.  So the task was up to me to find out how to use all of the corn.  I first thought salads.  Today I had a meeting at school so I brought my lunch of a salad with corn among the other vegetables.  It was good but only used one corn on the cob.  I decided to get creative.  After a long day of running, strength training, cleaning, biking to and back from school I was ready to unwind with cooking.  The first think I attempted to make was the Viva Vegan Salad:  My friend Ciara showed me this website and it’s pretty amazing.  Especially with training for a marathon my miles have gone way up for running and this website has a bunch of great recipes.  Here’s the final product:

Next I decided to make Corn, Buttermilk, and Chives turnovers from Smitten Kitchen.  If you haven’t visited her blog I am not sure why.  She has amazing recipes that are all pretty easy.  I just threw everything into my blender:)  Here’s the final product:

Here’s the recipe:

Lastly my beautiful friend Jen who just had a baby and is amazing recommended a recipe this summer from Martha Stewart called Chilled Avocado Cucumber Soup.  Again I just threw everything in my blender.  Here’s the recipe: and here’s my final product:

I would have to say I really liked all three of these.  I loved the salad because I am a huge salad person but the soup was the most unique.  Definitely add more yogurt as the jalapeno was pretty overpowering.  My popovers were a hit with my friend Ciara and her boyfriend.  Well I am off to watch some Master Chef and plan for our trip to Vancouver Island this weekend.  More on that later:)

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