A Good Night

Yesterday was a pretty awesome day.  I felt really productive and not only mopped the main floor, but cleaned both bathrooms, and wrote two papers.  When Dave suggested we meet at Captured by Porches an awesome local brewery out of a truck in a food cart area I was quick to agree.  The weather was great and we did some fun people watching as the food cart started to fill up.  We next decided to go to the top of Mount Tabor.  It’s a city park on a volcano that is right by our house.  The views are amazing and so are all of the trees.  It was pretty great.  Times like this just remind me of how blessed I am to have Dave.  His spontaneity is one of the many things I love about him.  On the way home I suggested going out to eat but Dave said we needed to use the veggies from the CSA.  So we got home to cook dinner which turned out to be amazing.  Every week our CSA sends out recipes which are amazing.  This week it was veggie fried rice and garlic green beans.  We set to work and first put some basmati rice in our rice cooker and let it cook for a long time.  Rice cookers are amazing – perfect rice every time.  I went to work cutting up garlic, carrots, mushrooms, and cilantro.  We also put tofu in the veggie fried rice and coated it with 3 Tbs of corn starch, salt and pepper.  While this was going on we boiled the water and then put the green beans in for 3 minutes.  After the rice was done we started the fried rice.  We first stir – fried the tofu until it was golden brown on both sides.  Then we took that out and put it on a plate and started the veggies.  We put all the veggies together and stir fried for about 10 minutes.  In another pan we stir-fried the green beans with garlic.  Once everything was done we put soy sauce on both dishes and got what is shown below:

Not bad although I will say this is a better to make with two people – you definitely need all of the hands.

Today I started my first of many long runs for my marathon training.  I knocked out 12 miles this morning and felt pretty good which I should since I have been running pretty heavy mileage lately.  Once back I did laundry to prepare for our upcoming trip.  Dave and I are headed to Victoria on Vancouver Island.  We are only bringing our bikes so it should be pretty awesome.  I am hoping to see whales, a castle, and go on a vineyard tour:)  Since we are going to Canada we’ll be a little MIA from the blog but we’ll be back with tons of pictures and adventures!

Happy Friday!!

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