Trip to Vancouver Island

This past Saturday Dave and I left for a five day trip to Vancouver Island, British on an awesome vacation that included on this below:

Yep that’s all we took our bikes complete with bike panniers and a back-pack for both of us.  It was awesome.  We started by leaving early Saturday morning although first we had to figure out how to get both of our bikes on the back of our car.  We have a 2 bike bike rack for our car but since my bike is quite smaller than Dave’s it was pretty interesting but we got it.  We drove 2 hours north to Olympia, Washington and then got on Highway 101 to Port Angeles, Washington.  It was so beautiful as the drive was through Olympic National Forest.  We got there around noon and got on the ferry to go over to to Vancouver Island.  We were headed for the city of Victoria:)  On the ferry over, which was quite cold, we saw a whale!!!  Pretty much made our day.  We made it over and hopped on our bikes looking for lunch which was at Red Fish Blue Fish.  We had both read great reviews about this place and had high hopes as we had to wait in an hour.  It was good but not quite up to what the reviews said.  Overall there wasn’t much of a food scene here.  We then set off for our hotel – which was the University of Victoria.  Hilarious right?  When looking we saw that you could stay at the university for a fraction of the price and we ended up getting breakfast for free in the cafeteria every morning.  It was hilarious.  We were exhausted getting our bikes up the hills but we dropped our stuff off and headed back down.  It was super windy but really beautiful.  We sat out on a patio with a beer and enjoyed the evening.

On Sunday we decided to take one of our many bike rides.  Keep in mind if we go downtown it is a 12 mile round trip so yesterday we had done 18 not bad but it seemed even worse with our heavy bikes.  Today we decided to ride around the Sannich Peninsula.  It was an amazing ride and was probably around 30 to 40 miles.  Tough but again beautiful views on the water.

Monday we decided it was time to explore the city.  After a run for me and breakfast in the cafeteria we ventured downtown.  Our first stop was Beacon Hill Park.  It was beautiful and had peacocks walking around the park.

Then off to the houseboats on the harbor downtown.

Then off to see the Parliament and China town.

Lastly we rode our bikes up the coast line in an amazing bike ride on the ocean complete with a good amount of hills.

On Tuesday, our last whole day on the island, we decided to do one more bike ride and rode a trail called the galloping goose.  It took us to this amazing university that had a castle on the grounds and was on a spit into the ocean.

We took the trail back and headed into the city.  We were getting ready to cross a bridge and I had a little problem happen to me.  Dave and I both have bike shoes that clip into our peddles.  Me being the clumsy person I am was a little worried about this but I did pretty good the whole time – at least for me.  I hit disaster when we were stopped there and I couldn’t get my feet out of the peddles.  I told Dave oh no and fell on the side. A crowd of about 30 people were coming out of the bridge….so embarrassing but so funny:)  We enjoyed the rest of the day and packed up the next morning.  When we got back across into America we saw a sign for Hurricane Ridge in Olympic National Park.  It was only noon and we had nothing to get back to so we decided to go up.  It was absolutely breathtaking!

The ride up was all uphill something we want to do with our bikes someday but Dave decided to take his bike down it.  Pretty crazy but that’s what I love about him:)

It was an amazing vacation but even better I just had a great time with my husband.  I can honestly do anything with him and enjoy it but it was so nice to get away and enjoy God’s beauty.

Happy Weekend!

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