This past week

So I have been crazy busy this past week but that’s because this person came to visit me:

Super old picture but that’s my brother Derek and he was able to come visit us for the last week:)  It was awesome and I can’t wait until I get to see him again.  If you know me at all you know that I love my brothers – I can’t wait to see Nathan and his wife in two weeks.  I know a lot of people fought with their brothers and sisters growing up but overall I got along really well with my brothers and think they are pretty amazing.  Derek actually took the Amtrak – Empire Builder to come and see us.  He left a week ago Thursday and then came in on Saturday.  We met up with him at around noon and took him to the farmer’s market.  It was great as usual and we got some good veggies for dinner.  One of the best parts of my brother coming is that he is a huge biker so we biked everywhere.  We went to the top of Mt. Tabor that day and got some beers out on Hawthorne.  We made a great dinner on the grill and had a good fire.  The next day we went to the ocean.  I got to run on the ocean beach and we hiked to the top of Falcon Point – beautiful.  The rest of the week was really busy as we actually had my Uncle and Aunt and cousins in for Monday night, Dave and I both worked, and we had fun every night:)   I hope my brother knows how proud we are of him and how we wish he lived closer but that we had an amazing time with him.  It’s pretty amazing to see everything he has accomplished and everything he will.  I am feeling so blessed to know what a great family I have.

Happy Weekend!

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