A new situation

This morning I got up bright and early at 3:00 am.  You are probably asking why are you getting up that early….well Dave had a flight to Chicago that left at 6am.  He is in a wedding for one of our good friends in Chicago.  Unfortunately I didn’t get to go with him because I am starting school on Tuesday and I am flying to Michigan for a wedding in 2 weekends.  It was pretty awful dropping him off.  Dave will be gone for two weeks.  The first week he will get to see these people:

Our friend Joe in the glasses is getting married on Sunday – so happy for him and Sarah!!

I love this couple….honestly I don’t know what we would do without them:)  Hope u too like the throwback picture!

This adorable cutie…who is even bigger and is the awesome son of the couple above:)

Our niece and brother and sister-in-law:)

And even more family.  I am super jealous.  After the first week is up Dave will go up to Milwaukee to work.  Even though we live in Portland Dave’s job is actually still in Milwaukee so he is going to see his boss and get some face time.  I know he is so dedicated.  He will also get to see this great friend and her family and some other great friends that we have in Milwaukee.

Isn’t Jen beautiful……and she has two kids I love it.  So I am here holding down the house.  I will be busy working and starting school but I have to say I already miss Dave.  I know I should be okay but I love my husband…which is a good thing:)  I’ll make it but u can bet we have already talked and texted several times today:)  He’s a good sport.  So if you are in Chicago or Milwaukee look Dave up and if you are in Michigan in two weekends look me up:)

Happy Saturday!

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