Labor Day

So how did you celebrate your labor day or more importantly your labor day weekend?  I had a four – day weekend well let’s be honest I have had all summer but tomorrow is the first day of school for the students so I am ready to go and am feeling rested and prepared.  Despite not having Dave this weekend and missing him a lot I had an overall pretty good weekend.  On Saturday I hung out with Ciara – who is my friend who is staying with us for a little bit.  We went for a run after I chopped cut this random grass bush in our yard.  It is seriously a long grass bush that has been somewhat tamed and left me with tons of scratches.  Oh well mission accomplished.  In the afternoon I went to Office Depot for some last minute school supplies and I picked up these guys:

My new silver shoes for Kristen’s wedding.  So excited to wear them:)   Yesterday I got up early, worked out, made some brunch and then set to work doing more stuff to get ready for school.  Hopefully I am prepared but either way I feel pretty good no matter what.  I later did some grocery shopping and finally got our living room area rug cleaned.  Later I went to an amazing church service at night.  Let’s just say God was there and it was awesome.  Today was officially my last day of summer.  I woke up and went running and came back and hit the books.  This time it was for my master’s.  I finished a paper for a class and once I submit it the class is done.  I have one class after that which I am currently doing an instructional unit this week in my geometry class.  Once I finish that I am done with all of my core classes!!!  All I have left is to write my capstone paper which I have been doing in my classes and then present it orally.  I am going to be so happy when this is done.  I know I don’t talk about this much on my blog but I have been going to Western Governor’s University.  It’s an online program which has been perfect for me.  I got a ton done during the spring semester when Dave was in school and I have been knocking out a bunch this summer.  I would like to finish by the end of November but we’ll see.  Either way that was my labor day productive although a little boring.  Oh well in less than 2 weeks I get to go to Michigan and be in one of my two favorite people’s weddings!!!!!

And before I forget congrats to Joe and Sara who got married last night.  That’s where Dave was and by the pictures he sent and the texts I got from my awesome friend Andrea it sounds like they had a great time.  I was really bummed I couldn’t go but I am so glad Dave was there and glad that we both get to go to our friend’s weddings:)

Off to get ready for school….I will update tomorrow about the first day:)

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