Today was a good day aside from the fact that I miss Dave pretty bad right now.  The good thing is we have 1 week left the bad news is….I really don’t want to wait that long.  Sigh….at least I got to skype with him and talk to him every day.  He’s amazing like that but I digress.  Last night I went to a housewarming party for some girls in my small group.  It was really fun but I left around 10 because this girl here had to run 20 miles this morning.  Yes almost done with my marathon training but today was an awesome run.  I normally don’t do loops but I have a great 10 mile loop that I usually do in the mornings so I did that twice.  It was a great run.  I was really hot and dry on the second loop but thankfully there are water fountains on the river walk which was part of my run.  When I got back I was exhausted but I showered and then was off to my hair appointment.  This time next week I will be in my best friend Kristen’s wedding in Michigan.  Since I am a bridesmaid I knew I needed to clean up my hair….it was in bad need of a haircut.  I already had an appointment scheduled but I added a panel.  What does that mean…I have two awesome blond streaks in my hair now:)  No pictures because I want to surprise people in Michigan.  I love the haircut and my hairdresser…I am going to be so sad when she graduates:)  After that I went downtown and got some gifts….one for Kristen since I had yet to get her gift for her bachelorette party and one okay two for Dave:)  I also got my mom’s birthday gift.  This is the first birthday I get to be at in 5 years….so excited:)  I also finished this series today:

All I can say is read it… was amazing and I can’t really explain it since it sounds strange but it was an awesome series.  I can’t wait for the movies…although usually they disappoint but I will still go and see them.  Right now I am finally relaxing….I am exhausted after the run today and am moving pretty slow but feel good and ready for this marathon.

Happy Saturday!

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