I started today feeling caught up and ready for my classes.  By the end of the day I was struggling to find papers and my classroom was a mess:)  Pretty typical but what made it worse was the work I had due for my masters class.  I am on my last class and then I just have to do my capstone and then I am done.  I need to finish by the end of November otherwise I have to pay for another semester.  This should be doable but today I felt the crunch.  I worked on the power point all weekend but needed to add more information.  I have a meeting tomorrow night with my capstone adviser so I just wanted to be done with the power point.  I had a minor freak out with my sweet husband.  You know what he did?  Made an awesome dinner of soy chicken nugget tacos and who took out the garbage in the rain.  Tonight I was reminded again how blessed I am with my husband.  Not to brag but he is amazing and pretty good looking too:) 

Happy Hump day in 3 and a half hours on the West Coast:)

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