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Now that Dave has been back and our life is finally getting back to normal as of today I have been breaking out the fall cooking.  Cooking is one of my favorite things to do and since I teach night school on Mondays I am going to try and do some crock pot meals.  Sunday night I made the follow:

Acorn Squash with Chili-Lime Vinaigrette.  The squash was from the farm.  I got this from smitten kitchen and here’s the website: .  It was incredible.  It also made enough for lunch the next day too.  I also made this:

Tassajara Warm-Cabbage Salad.  It was even better than the squash.  I love squash but Dave isn’t as big of a fan as I am.  He doesn’t always like the sweetness but he did like the squash.  He loved the cabbage salad.  I used green cabbage versus purple because that’s what I got from the farm.  Here is the website link:  Both Smitten Kitchen and 101 Cookbooks have awesome recipes that are a little more challenging but worth it in the end.  Monday morning after a great run I cranked up the crock pot and made this:

Baked Potato Soup.  I got this recipe from Iowa Girl Eats – read her blog.  She is hilarious and I like a lot of her recipes.  Here is the link:  I did not add the bacon or sour cream.  I also used soy creamer over the evaporated milk.  It was awesome!  And it took like 5 minutes to make in the morning.  Loved it!  Have a happy Tuesday.  I know Dave and I will:)  Decorating the upstairs soon so pictures to come…..:)

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