A nice surprise

This weekend has been pretty amazing aside from the fact that I had a visit from Mr. Laryngitis…yes my sweet husband made that one up.  After an awesome run on Sunday in the drizzling rain I started to feel a bit run down.  Slowly a sinus infection started working it’s way into my system and the fact that I work in a school.  While I love my kids I don’t love the illnesses they bring with them.  By the end of school Thursday I literally had no voice.  This happens to me every year since I have been in college.  If you know me at all you know I love to talk..which is why teaching is great for me but getting sick is not.  Thank the Lord I had Friday off already because I hate taking days off.  True fact I mean I went to school the day after the marathon…probably not a good idea but oh well:)  Anyways I woke up Friday morning feeling great with no voice.  I ended up resting and cleaning in the morning while the chimney cleaner checked our chimney.  I was pretty excited because Dave and I love fireplaces and since it’s pretty damp here I feel like I can start fires after the first rain which was two weeks ago.  The chimney inspection came out great.  I went for a great 8 mile run after and then rested.  My sweet husband came home on Friday and brought me lunch and finished working from home.  Our house was clean and later that night our good friend Jon Brinks came into town.  He’s pretty great and is on his way to Japan and China.  We are really jealous as we did this trip two years ago and can’t wait to go back.  He changed his reservation to have a layover here because he loves it here.  He was our first visitor last year.

This is us wine tasting last year.  He got in at 10 and then we stayed up way too late.  Of course I talked way too much but such is life.  We love when Jon a.k.a comes because he is a foodie like us so he’s always up for great restaurants.  We got up early for brunch at Tasty n Sons.  First off this place is amazing.  They are owned by the owners of Torro Bravo an awesome tapas place that we went to for Dave’s birthday last year.  We went to Tasty n Sons this summer with my brother for Happy Hour and it was awesome.  They have small plates like tapas and big plates but we had not been for brunch.  Let me just say it was worth the 45 minute wait but then most brunch places in Portland are:)  We started off with Stumptown coffee while we waited.  Then Dave and Jon had Bacon covered dates.  Jon and I both got the Chocolate Potato Doughnut with crème anglaise which was amazing.  Then the three of us shared small plate of their special which was a mini biscuit with gravy.  Amazing.  Then I had Cast Iron Frittata with grilled corn, gypsy peppers, caramelized onions, feta, Dave had Moroccan Chicken Hash with harissa cream & over easy egg and Jon had Burmese Red Pork Stew with short grain rice & eggs two ways.  It was amazing.  It sounds like a lot of food but it’s more of a tapas style restaurant.  It was amazing.  We then dropped Jon off for his flight to Japan and Dave and I drove home.  The sun finally peaked out which was awesome.  I stayed in and did schoolwork all day including finding 15 articles for my grad class.  I was able to work out later and now Dave and I are enjoying a fire and wine:)  I still can’t talk which is killing me but overall I feel good and am enjoying an awesome relaxing night.  Thanks Jon for visiting us we loved it even if it was short.  We are off to make dinner and hopefully search online for some furniture ideas….we have no furniture for our upstairs and our lawn chairs are ready to go back in the garage:)  Any ideas?  Our friend Ciara was living there until a week ago but now she is gone so we need to furnish it:)  Suggestions are greatly welcome:)

Happy Weekend!

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