I know this is a random post and I promise I will have a wedding post up soon, but this one came to me in the shower and I just wanted to know does anyone else have really crazy toenails?  Let me preface this with the fact that I found out my toenails were different when I was in high school.  By that time I was obsessed with running but I had yet to learn to buy shoes a half size bigger because your feet expand while running.  Hence my toenails took a turn for the worse and were just gross for a lack of better words.  I never really minded and just kept them covered with toenail polish for the rest of high school and through college.  Right before my senior year I decided to check out my toenails since I knew the days of good insurance were about to be gone:)  My doctor described lamisil.  You know you have seen the commercials…but here is a reminder:

Little did I know that this drug also requires your liver to be tested every month due to how strong the medication was.  Yeah I wasn’t to pleased about this and the medicine only achieved me having a lot of stomach problems.  Anyways I kind of forgot about it and put it to the side until I started training for marathons oh and Dave made me use my own toenail clippers:)  Yeah they were that bad.  I made another appointment after my second marathon and the podiatrist said that my toenails were bad but not fatal.  He said if it didn’t bother me to not worry but that I had one of three options: 1 remove all my toenails, 2 have a laser go over them with not a very high success rate, or 3 just live with it.  Yeah you can guess 1 and 2 weren’t looking so hot so I chose option 3.  Cue 3 years later.  You ask why are you telling us this because my last marathon took a beating on my toenails….so my question is does anyone else have this problem and if so any suggestions for me?  Right now I guess I will just continue going on with life and running because I figure this if this is a problem I have life is pretty good:)

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