I have to say Thanksgiving for Dave and I was particulary relaxing and wonderful:)  Our day started with the birthday boy enjoying fresh coffee and me enjoying a nice long run.  I then made us a breakfast of eggs, some breakfast sausage for him, bagels, and cinnamon rolls:)  We enjoyed all of this upstairs in our newly decorated loft area.  We didn’t have furniture until Wednesday when our new couch arrived for our living room.  A chair will be arriving soon but it’s being made.  We spent all of Thursday upstairs watching football and skyping with family:)  We then started our vegetarian thanksgiving in the evening.  I made homemade stuffing and green bean casserole and Dave was in charge of the rosemary mashed potatoes with mushroom stuffing:)  Overall everything was amazing although I am still perfecting the homemade green bean casserole.


Green Bean Casserole

Goodness on plates

On Friday we slept in until 10am something we rarely do and then had leftovers for lunch:)  We ended up just going around the Northeast of Portland later and got ice cream in waffle cones…I had salted caramel ice cream and Dave had Almond Brittle with Salted Ganache.  This place was amazing and was called Salt & Straw.  Everything was homemade and delicious.  When we came home I found out that my final 69 page paper for Capstone project for my Masters was accepted.  I got up at 6am today and gave my oral presentation over the phone to my adviser.  I am officially done with everything for my masters!!!!!!  It’s an amazing feeling and to celebrate I went for a long run.  Dave and I went to Meat, Bread, and Cheese for lunch.  Let’s just say that it should probably be called Bread as my vegetarian option was lacking and Dave’s sandwich literally had one piece of meat.  We decided on a whim to go wine tasting in the Willamete Valley.  We went to Erath which was good but then we went to Tori Mor which was amazing.  Awesome views of the mountains and surrounding area, a Japenese influence, and amazing wine.  Dave and I are currently enjoying the rest of the evening:)

Happy Saturday!

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