Wedding Post

It has been way too long but in October I had the priviledge of going back to Michigan and being in this one’s wedding:

Matt and Hannah

Hannah and I met when we were 12 and have been friends forever but I think our friendship was solidified when she was my roommate in Hungary on a mission trip when we were 16.  Let’s just say we realized a lot about how neat or not neat we were and the power of the toilets when they flush:)  In college Hannah, Kristen, and I had a yearly trip to IU and Hannah would randomly come see me at Taylor or we would meet.  While I was bummed that she was gone in the Peace Corps for over 2 years I have never been more proud of her.  Hannah has always inspired me with her love and compassion for others, how giving she is, and how passionate she is for those less fortunate.  I can honestly thank her for encouraging me to really think for myself.  The wedding was beautiful and seeing how happy Matt was when she walked down the aisle was amazing.  Also amazing getting to spend time with my amazing friends – I hate how far we live from each other but loved that I got to spend two weekends with them this past fall.

Andrea, Matt (Meg’s fiance), Megan, Luke (Kristen’s husband), me

Kristen and me

My sister-in-law and my mom

I also got to see a lot of family that weekend.  It was an awesome weekend and I am so glad I got to go.

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One thought on “Wedding Post

  1. Hannah

    Aw Nik, you’re the best. this is so sweet!! I LOVE YOU!

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