Fabulous Holiday Blog Challenge Day 2

So I am completing the second day of this challenge which is Favorite Holiday Tradition New or Old.  Christmas is by far my favorite holiday of the year because it’s Christ’s birthday, my birthday exactly a week before, I get two weeks off, and I get to see family.  Growing up our tradition was always make a great breakfast, open presents, then go to Grandma’s with the whole extended family.  Dave and I have continued that tradition when we lived in the Midwest but we have alternated with families every other year.  One of my other favorite traditions is going to church Christmas Eve – I love the candlelight service.  Now that we live in the Pacific Northwest going back to see family for Christmas is a little more tricky.  This past fall I got to go back to Michigan twice for two weddings and Dave got to go back to Chicago for a wedding and work thus we have pretty much used up our flight quota for the year.  Hopefully next year that will change but luckily we have started a couple of traditions for the two of us since last year we stayed in Oregon as well.  First I love decorating the house – I already have the tree up and some decorations in the house.  Second I love playing the Pandora Music station 24/7.  I know Dave does too:)  Our tradition is a Christmas Eve service, a nice breakfast in the morning, lots of skyping with families, opening presents with families over skype, and then just enjoying the two of us.  I also love planning a menu complete with fun drinks for Christmas dinner.  While I wish we could go back and celebrate with family I love that the two of us have started our own traditions.  I think what we try to do as well is remember the reason for the season.  

Have a happy Tuesday…..I am a little tired today after working until 9 last night but I was welcomed to an awesome dinner of Vegetable Bibimbap.

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