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Thursday Thoughts

Today was one of those days where it was a pretty normal day.  I went for a run, did yoga/pilates, and then some strength training.  I found my yoga/pilates video on netflix and it’s pretty awesome.  It’s very relaxing but an amazing ab workout.  I love the stretching too which is something I am terrible at doing.  They have a 10 minute one as well that I am hoping to do every day when I come home from work simply as a way to stretch out my muscles.  The videos I am doing are workouts not a typical yoga meditation video if that’s what you are looking for.  After that I decided to tackle our house.  I put away all of our Christmas decorations which I now have a place to store.  I then cleaned up the house.  After some veggie wraps I tackled lesson planning.  I wasn’t looking forward to doing any school work but it went by fast and I am excited for my lessons for the next month.  Crazy that the semester is almost done.  I decided I was going to make lasagna for dinner.  I love lasagna as long as it is vegetarian and has bechamel sauce or some form of it.  After getting rid of a lot of acidic food in our diets because of Dave’s acid reflex when I have highly acidic food I get pretty bad acid reflex so I try to avoid it.  I made a recipe that I really like from Emeril on Food Network.  It’s called Spinach, Mushroom, and Four Cheese Lasagna.  My only problem with lasagna is the time it takes.  I would say this one is a a medium on the time scale but it still took at least 40 minutes to make everything.  I also do a half soy creamer/half soy milk mix and I cut the recipe in half.  I only use mozzarella cheese as well.

This is from the website so mine will obviously look better:)  Bonus of waiting for the lasagna to cook – getting all of my dishes done and enjoying a glass of wine.  Not bad for a day of not working.  Other bonus of my day reading on Skinny Runner’s Blog a sale for Mizuno running shoes.  I am normally a Brooks shoe girl but I cannot find them for under $80.  That may not be much for some but I go through a lot of shoes a year so I try and find them for under $60 and by them in pairs, something I neglected to do this last time.  I wanted to try a new pair and thanks to the Runners World Shoe Finder the pair I got was a recommendation for me.  Thanks to the amazing sale which was $40 off a pair of shoes I got two pairs.  Pretty pumped to see them on Wednesday and for the fact that I paid nothing for shipping or tax:)  Happy Thursday!

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Book Review

Reading is by far one of my favorite hobbies and has been since I learned to read as a kid.  Dave always know that the first thing I do when I arrive to a new city is get my library card.  I can go to the library and get upwards of 10 books and devour them in a 3-week time span.  These past couple of years I have been trying to go for quality over quantity.  I have read Gone With the Wind, Anna Karenina, and a couple of others to name a few these past years that have gone down as some of the best I have ever read.  Both were hard to get into but once I started I could not put them down.  This past fall I read the Hunger Games Series and then I read text books and articles for my Masters.  It was a bit of a letdown as I love reading but did not have time.  I tried to read Unbroken which I have just requested from the library again and The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo with no such luck.  I decided that this Christmas Break I would finish The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.

Luckily one of the English teachers at my high school had a couple of copies so I was able to borrow one.  I was already 200 pages in so I  dug in.  I just finished today and let me say it was incredible.  I don’t want to say too much as Dave is reading it next but I thought the plot was intriguing and left me guessing the entire time.  Every question I had was answered and at first I wondered how everyone tied together but it was displayed by the end perfectly.  I know a lot of people do not want to read this due to the graphic nature and while the crime was horrific the author did a good job of explaining it only when necessary without too much gruesome detail.  All in all I cannot wait to read the next two books in the series and I am excited to see the movie which hopefully we’ll see this week.  I recommend this book as a great read and something you should put on your 2012 list ASAP.

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Sunrise on an early morning run – Merry Christmas


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Christmas Eve

Happy Christmas Eve:)  The last two days have been so nice and relaxing with Dave off of work.  On Thursday I woke up early and ran 11 miles.  One thing I love about being off is how much I get to run.  I think I might even have a marathon I want to do in June.  It’s the Newport Marathon and is on the ocean…pretty amazing.  Here is the picture for it:

Awesome right?  Normally I try and do at least 1 marathon a year but I figure I am not getting any younger so I might as well utilize my abilities now:)  Plus this one looks amazing and Runners World raved about how it was a great place to PR.  I was so close to breaking 3:10 this last time so I would love to give it one more time.  Anyways on Thursday after I ran Dave’s birthday gift came in.  He wanted a longboard which for those of you who don’t know it’s a long skateboard kind of similar to a surfboard.

The weather has been amazing in Portland no rain which is unheard of, sunny and high 40’s.  We went out to lunch for Thai food, went hiking at a park and then decided to try out the long board at a marina on the river in south west Portland.

I know he is so hot.  I have a video I posted online on facebook so if you follow me feel free to watch it:)  Just remember Dave is playing the part of a “hard” skateboarder:)  We had so much fun messing around and I even got up on it which is a feat considering how clumsy I am.  Next we decide to go to Cascade Brewing.  They brew in barrels and make sour beers.  I had no idea what this was but basically I can describe it as beer that tastes like a whisky sour without the whiskey.  It was so good.  I guess our best friend Andrew loves this stuff.  Andrew and Dave have been friends since elementary school and went to college together as well.  I met Dave in college and Andrew met his wife Andrea at the same place.  The four of us hung out a lot during college and even got married 3 months apart.  We miss them a lot but still manage to stay in touch hence the sour beer conversation.  Picture this both of us on our phones g-chatting with Andrew and Andrea:)  The beer was amazing and we each got a tasting flight.

Mine was on the right and I had a blueberry, apricot, cranberry, and something called the night crawler or something.  All were amazing.  Yesterday was spent in similar fashion with Dave getting stuff for us to paint the railings upstairs and me running another 11-miler.  Today we are going to Christmas Eve church, then skyping with my family.  While I am especially sad that we can’t be with our families they are amazing and both set it up so we can skype and open presents together.  I will try and take some pictures but tonight it’s my parents and tomorrow it’s Dave’s mom.  We hope everyone has a great Christmas with their families and friends and a special congrats to Danny and Jazi who just got engaged today!

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Belated Birthday Gift

While this was a little late it finally arrived:

Dave’s long board came in the mail today:)  Actually it came yesterday and was on our back porch.  Thank goodness we checked the tracking because I definitely thought it was at our neighbors and was getting ready to go look in their yard:)  Only problem with this gift…..I definitely can’t even stand on it…..looks like Dave will be the only one who long boards.


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A Twist on Garlic Cheese Bread

This morning I had a great 6 mile run and then did an hour of strength training which included arms, legs, and abs.  It was so nice not to break this up as I usually do this workout on Wednesdays but due to time I run in the morning and do the strength training in the afternoon.  I also finished all of my Christmas cards addressing and mailing them.  Once that was completed I decided to take a little trip to the mall.  I usually go to the one downtown as their Forever 21 is 2 floors and their H & M is 3 floors but I decided to go to a different one that had an Express which I had a gift card for.  I picked up this lovely infinity scarf:

I got the scarf in ivory and best part was that I had a gift card so normally I wouldn’t by myself something like this even though I have been wanting one of these for awhile.  Express has pricey scarfs but they are adorable and worth it.  Next I went over to Target with another gift card…the joy of my birthday being a week before Christmas:)  I was able to get these awesome capris:

I also got a pair of yoga pants.  Target has pretty amazing workout gear that is similar in quality to Nike but a whole lot cheaper.  I came home and had several thoughts on what to make for dinner but none sounded just right.  I spent awhile searching websites and looking on Pinterest and didn’t find much I wanted but did find some great Christmas recipes.  I settled on brown rice pasta with pesto sauce from Trader Joe’s and mushrooms, peppers, and onions on top.  I then added some fresh Parmesan cheese:)  It was really really good.  I usually like to make my own sauces and have even made my own pesto sauce but Trader Joe’s is pretty good to homemade.  I wanted some garlic bread but wanted something different so I went on Sabra’s Ambassador’s website.  They had a recipe for Garlic bread that used garlic hummus instead of butter.  Here is what I did: I used fresh bread from Trader Joes and cut up some pieces.  I put on the garlic hummus and some Parmesan cheese.  The recipe is below but wow was it good.

Dave and I are just relaxing and thinking of painting our upstairs landing tomorrow.  Somehow the white paint is now a purplish shade…..yeah it needs to go:)

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Favorite Birthday

So I am a little late on this one but on Friday one of my favorite people in the world had a birthday:

Yep that’s Kristen:)  If you read my blog at all you know she is a pretty important person in my life…a.k.a. one of my oldest and best friends:)  We have been friends since we were 12 which has been a long long time – as we are getting older I am going to start leaving out our real ages.  On Friday she had a birthday and while I wish I could have been there with her we got a nice chat and hopefully she received my kick butt card:)  Kristen is one of the best people in my life.  I always know she is there for me and being in her wedding and celebrating her and Luke was by far one of my favorite days of my life.  She has stood by me, listened to me complain about my crazy charter school job, ran a marathon way faster than she wanted with me, stayed on the phone for hours with me, and made me laugh for hours, oh and she laughs at all my stories, which if you know me at all you know I have a lot.  I appreciate that she is type A like me and understands how nerotic I can be and relates to me.  Here’s to hoping Luke and her come and visit us this summer… and Kristen I am still holding out on our kids having a joint birthday party like us, and opening a running store together:)  Hey a girl can dream:)

Love you K-10!!!!!

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Suprising Tuesday

This morning I woke up to the alarm I set for Dave…..who was not feeling well at all.  He has been fighting a head cold and decided to take the day off sick and rest up.  I woke up and went for another 11 mile run and then came back and promptly showered and then rested with Dave until early afternoon.  Dave was feeling a little better so we decided to venture out and get some Vietnamese food.  We found a deal online that said if you used Groupon Now for the first time you got $10 for free.  The groupon we got was $10 for $15 so we got it for free.  The best part was the name of the restaurant:

I know awesome name right?  The food was really good though and I had sauteed lemon grass tofu rice noodle bowl and Dave had the special noodle bowl with grilled pork, shrimp, and rice noodles.  Both were great although prices were a little steep so I am guessing we won’t go there again unless we have a coupon.  We didn’t really feel like going home so I suckered Dave into going to Food Fight Grocery which is a vegan grocery store.  Why did I want to go there?  Because they sell these:

Yep those are not meat deli slices but vegetarian slices.  We got the Wild Mushroom an earthy combination of Shitake, Champignon and Porcini mushrooms accented with imported balsamic vinegar.  I cannot wait to make some subs.  Usually I don’t like fake meat things because they are actually not made with the best ingredients but this company is pretty awesome.  Check out the Field Roastwebsite.  We also had the Italian Sausages made with fresh eggplant and packed with fennel, red wine, garlic and sweet peppers on Sunday night.  They were awesome.  This bumper sticker was at the register:

Awesome right.  From there we went to Sweetpea Baking which is down the street from Food Fight and is a vegan bakery.  We got Chai Teas and talked.  Lastly Dave and I ventured over to Hawthorne and walked the street and scored an awesome deal of a pack of 10 Pyrex for only $12.95 – 50% off.  Now we are relaxing and resting after our afternoon getting ready for subs and watching Super 8 and Bridesmaids:)  Dave has 1 more day of work left this week and then he off until next Tuesday:)  Have a great Tuesday.


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Dinner Tonight

Today was my first day off and it was wonderful.  I was able to clean our house from top to bottom, go for an 11 mile run, and make an awesome meal.  My inspiration came from peanut butter runner which is an awesome blog that I follow.  I had read that she had made Vegetarian Butternut Squash Chili with Cheesy Beer Bread.  Since I still had some squash left from our CSA I knew I had to try it this week.  It took awhile to cut everything but then it was really easy.

Here is the recipe for the Vegetarian Butternut Squash Chili and here is the recipe for the Cheesy Beer Bread.  Enjoy:)

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Sister Birthday

Wow it has been way too long since I have last blogged.  Let’s just say the last week before Christmas Break has been pretty busy for me.  Not to mention I have needed all my energy due to the energy my students have:)  It’s been a great week though and I have enjoyed watching my students get excited and enjoy the cookies I have been baking for them.  Today though is a very special day as it’s my cousin Jenna’s birthday!!!!  Jenna’s mom is my mom’s sister and they are really close so we grew up together being very close.  We are both the oldest and only girls in our families.  We also have 2 brothers who are the same age and we are a year apart.  We were always close growing up but I remember when I was a sophomore in college and she was a freshman.  We would talk but one night she called me late at night really upset.  It’s random but I remember that as being a turning point where we became more than cousins but best friends and sisters.  It came as no surprise to anyone that we were the maids of honors in each others weddings and we have continued to stay closer than ever despite being far apart.  I just got to see her and her two boys and husband on my last trip.  I am continually amazed buy how good of a mom and wife she is.  I don’t know how she does it but she is amazing.  I admire her and all that she has done and miss her tremendously!  Thank goodness for cell phones and skype.  So jen….here’s to you!  Happy Birthday and I love you!!!!  Below is a picture of her and her two boys….I know she is gorgeous!!!


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