Weekend Love

My weekend started a little early when I got a new haircut on Thursday night.  I love getting my haircut and the place I go offered a punch card if you made your next appointment while you were there.  Since I love getting haircuts and my hair grows like crazy it was perfect for me.  I get my haircut downtown so I made the trip downtown from school and got an awesome haircut.  It was quick and great.  I will post a picture later this week.  I still had to work on Friday but it was a great day.  Friday night Dave and I went to a B.Y.O.B. which was a Bring Your Own Bowl for soup event at one of our neighbor’s houses.  Since we have only met a couple of neighbors we thought it would be great to meet people and it was.  How nice too that we found out we have people our age living close by:)  We woke up the next day with a mission to find some more “stuff” for our house.  By stuff I mean we have a guest room with pretty much nothing and no rugs for our wood floors which are freezing right now.  First we went to the farmers market.  It was really cold but we have two gift certificates for two weeks we didn’t use our CSA.  We got some veggies and then went antique shopping.  We got this awesome shelve for our living room and got some more ideas for our other rooms.  I went out later to Ikea and got an area rug for our living room, a door rug, and a hallway rug.  I have also finally finished decorating for Christmas:)  Pictures to come soon.  This morning we woke up early for church, had a great brunch at home, a relaxing afternoon of football for Dave and preparing for this week at school for me.  Right now I am sitting in my warm upstairs watching Felicity and relaxing.  Only 2 weeks left until Christmas break.  I know they’ll be busy but good.  This week I need to finish my Christmas cards and get cracking on Christmas presents.  Happy start of the week!

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