Sister Birthday

Wow it has been way too long since I have last blogged.  Let’s just say the last week before Christmas Break has been pretty busy for me.  Not to mention I have needed all my energy due to the energy my students have:)  It’s been a great week though and I have enjoyed watching my students get excited and enjoy the cookies I have been baking for them.  Today though is a very special day as it’s my cousin Jenna’s birthday!!!!  Jenna’s mom is my mom’s sister and they are really close so we grew up together being very close.  We are both the oldest and only girls in our families.  We also have 2 brothers who are the same age and we are a year apart.  We were always close growing up but I remember when I was a sophomore in college and she was a freshman.  We would talk but one night she called me late at night really upset.  It’s random but I remember that as being a turning point where we became more than cousins but best friends and sisters.  It came as no surprise to anyone that we were the maids of honors in each others weddings and we have continued to stay closer than ever despite being far apart.  I just got to see her and her two boys and husband on my last trip.  I am continually amazed buy how good of a mom and wife she is.  I don’t know how she does it but she is amazing.  I admire her and all that she has done and miss her tremendously!  Thank goodness for cell phones and skype.  So jen….here’s to you!  Happy Birthday and I love you!!!!  Below is a picture of her and her two boys….I know she is gorgeous!!!


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